Scramble for housing

By Jaclyn Freese
March 18, 2004

Angelina Wagner

When it was time to pull numbers for the housing lottery, I pulled 496. The starting number for my class was 492, so I got lucky, very lucky. So lucky, in fact, that I am one of very few current juniors going to be living on campus next year. Something’s rotten at Cabrini.

Next year is going to be so different. I will not be living with the class I have been with for three years. Too many of my fellow classmates got the short-end of the stick and have little time to look for housing elsewhere.

How the administration did not see this coming baffles me. How it is acceptable that 110 people will not be housed baffles me. It is very disheartening that so many students will not be able to live with their friends and enjoy the college atmosphere they have grown to love.

I would hope that some of the higher ups put a halt to how many people the college is accepting. We are simply too small to hold all the people that we have accepted, and cramming more into the school will only cause more problems.

I am very sad about the situation. I am sad for the people who have to scramble for housing, especially the people who live far away, like the girl down the hall from me who is from Hawaii. I feel bad for Residence Life, because the office has to take the brunt of the complaints and they really are not the ones to blame. I am most sad for the class of 2005. So many juniors are getting shafted and they have to accept it-there is simply no room for them.

I am just lucky that I got a good number. Living off campus could not have been an option for me-I remember my mom saying one of the reasons she liked Cabrini was because of housing.

Cabrini is in a rut now. What are campus tour guides and admission counselors supposed to tell prospective students about housing? There are a lot of angry sophomores and juniors around campus. This is bad, very bad and it is only going to get worse until another residence hall is built.

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Jaclyn Freese

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