By Staff Writer
April 5, 2001

I think it’s great how you wrote astory on how convenient the coaches are for the athletes. I think it’s even better that the school is there for their students. They know exactly when to raise tuition and kick people off campus. Thank God i live two hours away from campus and have to commute to work when the school and residence halls are closed for break. It makes my life so much easier. It would just be absurd to think that when you pay a semester’s worth of tuition that you can stay a whole semester, especially when you have a job at school. Who wants to spend twenty grand a year in tuiton and room & board and actually stay a full semester. And who would think that after working five-eight hour days a week that at four o’clock on a tuesday afternoon you would want to cash a check or schedule classes. After paying twenty grand a year you would think you’d get your money’s worth. But you actually get less than county college students. And I think that’s great! Who would think cafeteria food should taste good? I mean of course it must be good, I eat it everyday. I challenge the President of the school to eat there for 2 meals a day for one week without telling a soul. Well when you drive a Jaguar I guess the world is a little different. I challenge the editor to publish this and actually use that thing called our first ammendment right because no one else has the guts(nicely stated) to do it.
Mike Ries
Student whose parent ( not plural) makes less than 40,000 a year.

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Staff Writer

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