Scholarships for Service and Leadership Available in Wolfington Center

By Sean Collins
April 12, 2012

Do you have a passion for service or a need to help others? Are you a student leader? If so,  Scholars in Service and Peirce Scholars Program at Cabrini is for you.

“In exchange for the scholarship, students will run and participate in community service,” said Interim Director at the Wolfington Center Stephen Eberle.  Eberle went on to say that the students who participate are strong leaders who really want to get involved in the kind of responsibility that this service offers.

Students involved with the program will have the opportunity to help out and work alongside those in need. Along with this, the program will provide opportunities for students to act on their insight of faith and beliefs.

 “The program will offer the students who participate 300 hours of service throughout the year.” Eberle said.

This is Cabrini College’s sixth year working with the Pierce Family Foundation. This is a foundation that supports organizations that make the extra effort to reach out and provide opportunities and social services for the homeless.

“The Pierce Family Foundation gives us the money for the scholarship and provide students with money they may need for supplies in helping out,” Eberle said. “For example, if a student is tutoring, the foundation can provide one hundred dollars throughout the year for notebooks.”

Cabrini will be working with community partners such as the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Catholic Relief Services, and Municipality of Norristown to give students this opportunity to help others in need.

“Last year, Dr. Rademacher’s class worked with the Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center or CHOC,” Said Eberle. “Residents of CHOC displayed art exhibits that they worked on with students which were displayed at an exhibit we had here last year,” Eberle said.

Eberle went on to say that this is the kind of reaching out that students involved will be expected to do. Not only does this give students a chance to work side by side with those less fortunate, but opens up students to the opportunity of learning about social justice, a core principle Cabrini encourages.

 “We’ve been doing work like this for years,” Eberle said. “But this year, we’re hoping to step it up a notch.”

For this year, the Wolfington Center is still on the lookout for students with skills for community partnerships.

Eberle said that this position is similar to that of a classroom coach, only instead of being limited to just a classroom, the student helps those less fortunate.

“These are the students who help coordinate the work,” Eberle said. “They’re like classroom coaches but because of the work they do, they’re more like community coaches.”

Students who show a strong leadership skills or a strong passion for community service are traits that are looked for in these community coaches.

If you are interested participating in the Scholars in Service and Peirce Scholarships Program, visit the Wolfington Center (the third floor of Founder’s Hall) for an application. These applications will be due Friday, April 20.           

Sean Collins

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