Sarah Silverman angers Catholic Church…again

By Jamie Santoro
November 5, 2009

Shannon Keough

Comedian Sarah Silverman has proposed a new way of ending world hunger. No, you read that correctly. Sarah Silverman, star and creator of “The Sarah Silverman Project” and vicious funny lady, has a new theory on ending world hunger, an issue that has plagued the world for hundreds of years.

It gets better. Her plan? Sell the Vatican. You know, the city-state and H.Q. of the Catholic Church. She wants to sell it.

Before we classify this as an insane idea, let us think about it. What is one group in the world that has millions in property, antiques and straight cash? Well there are a lot, but the Catholic Church is one of them.

While I have never personally been to the Vatican everyone knows it’s basically a palace. I saw “Angels & Demons,” and I know that it’s more than what’s necessary for a bunch of priests.

The Vatican is worth something. Silverman states in the video that, “You preach to live humbly and I totally agree so maybe now it’s time to move out of your house that is a city.” She has a point.

Does the Catholic Church need a castle to call home? Do they need their own country?

In actuality, this plan won’t really pan out. The Vatican’s worth was estimated at $900 million in 2004, which was before the economy went south. Also, on the business side, the Vatican has seen deficits in the past two years averaging just over a million in the red.

The UN gives out $7.9 billion in food-based aid a year so $900 million will only make a dent. We have to take into account the fact the Catholic Church would never consider selling their crown jewel.

The Church’s opinion on this? Well, the Vatican declined to comment, but my favorite organization, The Catholic League, was quick to respond. They called the attacks “filthily diatribe.” The crazies, I mean Catholics, at the league also say that Silverman would never go after the heads of Judaism or Islam. Not to sound like a 13-year-old girl but.duh. They don’t flaunt their wealth like Catholics do.

In all of this there is one thing that people need to understand. This is meant to be funny, people! Sarah Silverman is a comedian not an economist. This video is hilarious! Maybe there is an indirect reference to molestation. Maybe she discusses the lack of Arby’s in Ethiopia. Maybe she calls the Pope a “caped crusader.” It is all done in the vein of comedy. Silverman wants to rile people up.

I recommend checking out the video and making your own conclusions. In my eyes, it’s a funny video that asks some interesting questions. I’m not surprised that people’s feathers are ruffled. Anytime you mention the Church and the sentence doesn’t include “praise thee” you’re in trouble. Comedy always seems to be lost on the holy.

Now, take away all the deep thought. Sarah Silverman wanted to piss off the Church, simple as that. Amen.

Jamie Santoro

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