Sandella’s offers fresh, new options

By Jason Cohen
October 6, 2006

When you’re bored of the same old food bars, filled of pasta and deli meats. When you’re tired of the endless pizza, circling, reheated over and over again. You’ve got Jazzman’s, providing you with great sandwiches, salads and soup able to satisfy your need for fresh, tasty food. However, once that has worn away its effects, Jazzman’s doesn’t seem as satisfying as it used to, so now there’s something new for all of you, Sandella’s.

Opening up this week, right next to Jazzman’s, Sandella’s offers something different than you’re accustomed to. With new wraps, quesadilla’s and paninis, originality returns to Cabrini campus, for a fresh new establishment, ready to provide you with satisfaction.

“Its nice to finally have something different sometimes,” says Chris Campallone, “it will be a nice change.”

Thankfully Sandella’s has finally opened after a month long delay. Sandella’s is open from 11-7 Monday through Friday, however it is not open on weekends. This is where Jazzman’s or the cafeteria will have to settle your empty stomach until Monday. Though it may be a good idea to keep some food in the fridge, take a wrap or whatever is provided to you right there, and take it back to your room. It could help you get through the time between meals, between lunch and dinner, where you think you’re going to starve.

So if you want some delicious, fresh food stop on down to Sandella’s, where you could find the best food on campus. Yes, of course the cafeteria and Jazzman’s provide good food, but only Sandella’s is reliable. If the cafeteria has bad food you’re going to be stuck with the same hamburger and pizza as the last week. Jazzman’s can get old after eating the same sandwich and salad all the time, but only Sandella’s gives you unique foods that never get old.

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Jason Cohen

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