Wolfington Center and Campus Ministry welcome all students

By Trevor Wallace
April 5, 2010

Atop the third floor of Founder’s Hall, there is a large glass-enclosed room, which most students pass by during their day without a second thought. This is Cabrini College’s Wolfington Center.

But the impact that the Wolfington Center has and the dedicated work that its volunteers do on and off campus is felt throughout surrounding communities and around the globe.

The main goal of the Wolfington Center is to connect the Cabrini community with those outside of Cabrini who don’t enjoy the same comforts many of us do.

“Our goal is to connect students with the underprivileged members in the community,” Elizabeth Sutter, coordinator of community outreach, said.

“We work very hard with the really underprivileged, trying to make an impact,” Sutter said.

With Cabrini’s new social justice curriculum came a greater duty for the college to extend its efforts past the classroom and into the real world.

Cabrini’s partnership with Catholic Relief Services and the entire community of Norristown has brought about a deeper and more effective relationship, which has made a difference in the community. Unfortunately, some students are not enthusiastic about initially getting involved with the office.

“There are some students who only come because they are required for a class. Then some students get plugged in, and are very passionate about advocacy,” Sutter said.

Shannon Keough, senior communication major, is one of the many students whose passion for social justice led her to the Wolfington Center.

“I got involved my sophomore year, because I came to Cabrini for their emphasis on service,” Keough said.

Keough said, “I applied to become a hunger and homeless leader.  We made a month-long hunger awareness campaign, which led me to become a CRS ambassador and focus my attention to food insecurity.”

Across the hall from the Wolfington Center is the Campus Ministry, where students are invited to strengthen their relationship with God, each other and themselves.

Father Michael Bielecki, the chaplain at Cabrini, wants students of all backgrounds to feel welcomed not only within Campus Ministry, but also to the college as a whole.

“We want to help Catholics grow in their faith, and those who aren’t Catholics to search for meaning in their lives,” Bielecki said.

Students that want to participate in Campus Ministry can take part in retreats that focus on others while still reaching out to a part of themselves.

“Campus Ministry can be that place that facilitates the possibility of a relationship with God, and that relationship does have an effect on your life,” Bielecki said.

Campus Ministry can help individuals whether they need a place to sit down and talk, or if they want to go out and help with issues others may be dealing with.  Whichever it is, Campus Ministry welcomes all with open arms to be a part of Cabrini College’s community.

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Trevor Wallace

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