Rutgers-Camden downs Cabrini’s men’s soccer in 2 overtimes

By Coraline Pettine
September 16, 2016

After a tough game, the men’s soccer Cavaliers were unable to come out on top, as they lost to Rutgers-Camden in a game that went into two overtimes. The game was played at home in the Edith Robb Dixon Field and went on for a full 105 minutes of action before the winner was decided.

Cabrini has now lost their second straight game to get to a 2-3 record on the season. With the win, the Scarlet Raptors  improved to a 3-0-2 record on the season.

Senior goalie C.J. Sperratore was active on the night with five saves. Junior midfielder for the Scarlet Raptors, Sean Welsh, was able to score on the second shot of the second overtime from a sophomore midfielder Eric Hurff through ball assist at the 105th minute.

“We came out strong, played well, didn’t finish on our opportunities like we needed to, but it will come with time,” sophomore midfielder Jared Irwin said. “I’m not worried about it now we have a game on Saturday, we are going to come out and fix what we need to fix, other than that it was our best performance yet and its all positive from here on out.”

The Cavaliers had 11 shots on the game, compared to 17 from Rutgers-Camden. Freshman midfielder Daniel Acevedo took the first shot for the Cavaliers three minutes into the game, shortly followed by junior midfielder Steve Karakitsios for the Scarlet Raptors. Both missed.

By the end of the first period, there were 11 fouls, ten substitutions, nine unsuccessful shots, and no points. The second half proved no more promising with neither team scoring. The game went into a ten-minute overtime.

“Our defensive shape on the counter attack usually when we turn the ball over they can run down our throats and we don’t get back quick enough to defend,” senior midfielder Ben Roda said. “Being able to set pieces. They had a couple good chances on corner kicks tonight that we could’ve defended better.”

In overtime Irwin, junior midfielder Joe Fiore and senior midfielder Tyler Bond all came close to scoring for Cabrini with no dice. Sophomore defensive player Matt Ochman and senior forward Bobby Kane tied for the most shots for the Cavaliers with three each. The game also saw a total of 23 fouls with Cabrini being dealt ten.

“We played a pretty good game it was both sided heading into overtime. Once overtime hits it’s usually stretched out so it is tough to find a goal when you’re running up and down the field exhausted,” Roda said. “They had a lucky opportunity in the second overtime to score a goal but we played better than we usually do and it was a tough team and we definitely stepped up. Overall it was good game but we couldn’t come out on top.”

The Cavaliers are looking to rebound this Saturday, Sept. 17, at 4:30 p.m. against the Alvernia University Crusaders.

Coraline Pettine

Writing Managing Editor for Loquitur Media.

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