Obama takes punches, Romney’s Stronger

By Nicholas Cipollone
October 4, 2012

Watching the Presidential debate is our responsibility as a citizen of the United States. This is where we find out who is ready and thinks they know the right route to go, and who is sending us into a tail spin.

Without choosing a side yet, there are many factors an individual should understand and evaluate before making an educated decision of whom to vote for.

A significant part of the debate, or getting people to believe you, is how you answer questions and present information to your audience.

Mitt Romney was strong in his approach in this aspect of the debate he knew what he wanted to bring up and elaborate on.

Obama on the other hand was un-easy in his approach and seemed to lack confidence with many “uh” and “um” moments before he spoke. Obama also talked a lot about personal stories about his family or other families about how they are being affected. It is good to have stories of individuals but he didn’t relate it as well as Romney did.

Both candidates seemed to not respect the moderator at all. The moderator also did not do a good job of controlling the responses and keeping to two minutes per response. This overwhelms the viewers at home as each candidate touched on multiple topics within a category too in depth.

It was too much to follow for someone who is not into politics.

Domestic policies are what we all want to know about. What will fix our economy?

Both candidates have complex plans that focus on the middle class, but will take time in order to work.

“America is best when the middle class is best” Romney said before he presented the idea of middle class tax relief.

Romney has an idea to lower the tax rate which will alleviate taxes on everyone, but primarily on the middle class. He will get rid of exemptions and deductions for higher class citizens to balance out the lost revenue of taxes.

This sounds like something that could work to ease taxes for the middle class. Private businesses would have lowered taxes, so they have more money to spend on their service that they provide, or hire more people and grow as a business.

A very large part of Romney’s idea which I agree with is making the United States energy independent. This will force us to utilize our resources and build more oil, coal and natural gas companies, or organizations. According to Romney this will open four million jobs in America.

“Increase in natural gas and oil has happened on private land, not on government land,” Romney said, ”On government land, your administration has cut the number of permits and licenses in half. If I’m president, I’ll double them, and also get the — the oil from offshore and Alaska. And I’ll bring that pipeline in from Canada.”

Another idea I like of Romney’s is to cut funding for some federal programs so we can stop borrowing money from China. “It is not moral to spend more than we take in,” Romney said.

Romney is planning on cutting government spending and cutting federal employees by combining committees. Romney then goes on to mention, about 42 percent of Spain’s budget is spent on the government. America is headed in that direction of government spending. Spain is in a financial crisis right now, and has been since 2008.

Romney brought up a good point about the $90 billion in breaks to the green energy world; he then goes on to say that it is 50 years of tax breaks that he gives to oil companies which is money that those companies don’t need.

Romney over powered Obama with his confident answers and he also had a lot of good points to bring up on key issues. The only real response Obama continued to bring up was military spending which is something we need to keep up with.

Currently, we are the No. 1 military power in the world. According to Romney, spending $2 trillion or keeping spending the same, will facilitate military technology advancements in order to protect our country and remain the No. 1 military power in the world.

Touching on education Romney proposed the idea to rate the success of colleges and universities to see which ones are worth the money that people are spending to go to them. This will prevent out of jobs college graduates and make higher education more efficient.

Both candidates represent some ideologies accepted popularly. After watching the debate, Obama did not perform at a level expected as he usually does. This may interpret how confident he is about his stance and how well his plans for the country will benefit the country.

Romney unlike Obama maintained eye-contact and fired back at Obama every moment and extra breath that was available.

With decisions to be made soon, this debate definitely gave American citizens a small glimpse at the future of this country. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that glimpse was a good one.


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Nicholas Cipollone

Junior at Cabrini College, Sports Editor for @LOQwitter, Graphics Coordinator for @LoqationNews, Social Media Specialist @BadRhinoINC, Social Media Manager for @cabrinicareers

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