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By Beatrice McQuiston
November 18, 2011

Kellie Manoppello, sophomore, history major.

Manoppello is a sophomore who lived in Woodcrest last year and east residences this year. Freshman year, first semester, she had a complete random roommate and they ending up getting along really well. Second semester, her roommate transferred and she got to pick who ever she wanted to live with. She picked her friend Chelsea Prichett who was also looking for a new roommate. This year, the two of them stayed roommates and remain very close. Living in a triple dorm room, the two of them, have an extra bed, which they offered to a friend who was a House Two refugee. The three of them enjoy living together. “I think living with friends is a lot better than someone random because then you know how they act,” Manoppello said.


Holly Prendergast, senior, communication major.

Prendergast as lived off campus both her junior and senior year. She has lived with the same people both years off campus. This year, they only have one new roommate who was not with them last year. “We all have our own room so it is easy to get along without getting annoyed with each other,” Prendergast said. The four girls are living off campus in Conshohocken this year and they are all really close and enjoy living together. Before moving in together, they were all friends, which made the decision easy. Looking back, Holly thinks that living with someone you do not know is less stressful. “Living with your best friend can sometimes hurt your friendship because you are together all the time,” Prendergast said.


Samantha LaMaina, sophomore, education Major

LaMaina is a sophomore who has lived on campus in east residence both years. She had a completely random roommate coming into freshman year. Even though they were randomly put together, they both were playing on the lacrosse team at Cabrini. “I knew we would have something in common if we were both planning on playing,” LaMaina said. Luckily LaMaina and her roommate got along really well and became close friends. Now as sophomores, they still room together and enjoy being roommates. To change it up a bit this year, they deicide to add one of there friends to there room. They now live in East in a triple. “I got really lucky last year with my roommate,” LaMaina said, “and this years everything just fell into place.”


Kyle O’Connor, sophomore exercise science major

O’Connor is a sophomore who has lived on campus his freshman and sophomore year. Coming into college he had already planned to live with one of his good friends from high school, Kevin Doherty. Freshman year O’Connor lived to east residence and him and Doherty got along really well since they had been friends for a while before college. This year, they we living in House Two until being moved into East Residence lounge. “I did not really mind the move because I was still living with my friend,” O’Connor said. O’Connor thinks that it is a lot easier to live with one of your friends because than there is no drama. Him and his roommate are still good friend after living together for almost two years.

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Beatrice McQuiston

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