Roommates create everlasting friendships

By Kelsey Kastrava
March 23, 2010

Posters of acoustic gods such as Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews and Bob Marley highlight the pink-and- orange-colored dorm room of senior communication majors Cait Friel and Morgan Miller.

“We’ve basically been roommates for four years now,” Friel said.

Although the two were not originally assigned as roommate’s freshman year, they were just a few doors down from becoming the best of friends.

“One of my assigned roommates moved out and Cait took over her bed,” Miller said. “She kept all of her clothes in her assigned dorm, but I considered her to be living with me.”

The two practically finished each other’s sentences describing their four years of living together. Both roomies agreed that they have the “same life” as far as their schedules are concerned. That is not to say, however, they spend their days attached at the hip.

“We have the same major, but different concentrations so we have different jobs and are enrolled in different classes,” Miller said. “But at night, we’re always together either going out or watching a movie.”

The two would agree that living with a close friend sometimes ends in endless feuding, but these two say they lucked out. They joke and tease each other about their quirky habits but when it comes down to it, they would both agree that they’re considerate of one another.

“We’re both laid back and I think that’s how we lasted so long,” Friel said. “I’ve definitely heard nightmare stories about best friends rooming together, but we’re just a perfect match.”

Across campus two male students have also enjoyed their rooming experience. Sophomores Sam Zeff and Pat Schneider have been best friends since their first meeting freshman year.

“We met through a couple of mutual friends and pretty much hit it off from there,” Zeff said.

Since the start of their friendship, Pat and Sam have shared a common ground of hobbies and interests. They both consider themselves die-hard sports fans, especially of Philadelphia teams. The white walls of their dorm room are camouflaged in Phillies and Eagles paraphernalia.

“I’d have to say our room is the hot spot for any Philly sports games. All our friends just come over to relax and watch the game,” Schneider said.

Sports may be a factor in their relationship, but it is not the only thing that bonds them together as friends and roommates.

“Our love of music brings us together in a unique way. We both like very different styles but I’ve grown to love music I never thought I would listen to in my life,” Zeff said.

Schneider says he has found not only a comfortable living space, but a person to share the dorm life with that is equal to that of a home away from home.

“Sam and I have turned our room into a place where we are comfortable and we can be ourselves. In the end I think that’s all that matters.”

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Kelsey Kastrava

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