Cougars & Cubs are on the prowl

By Jennarose DiGiacomo
September 19, 2012

Cougars and cubs seem to be present on Cabrini’s campus. Cougars are older women who date younger men, while a cub is defined as a younger man dating an older woman.

“I don’t know how to explain it, but younger men treat you better and will do anything to keep you since you are older than them,” Amandeep Kaur, a senior “cougar,” said. Kaur goes on to discuss the fact that dating younger men is not a preference, more so a choice that happens when approached with the right guy. The guy has to be at least one year younger than she, but if significantly more, Kaur said, “It just won’t work.”

A cougar relationship for Kaur relies on the guy doing more for her, but on the downside she feels as though, “they are not mature enough to handle a steady relationship.” Kaur is open about her relationships with younger men. She has no problem introducing her guy, talking with others and mingling with others when it comes to this cougar relationship.

Kaur knows her boundaries. She shared a story from her hometown, where a girl from her high school dated a guy four years younger than she and received harsh criticism for it. Kaur wants to date men older than she in the future but has no problem giving chances to younger guys.

“Dating a woman older is a good thing, they’re mature, responsible and experienced,” Zachary Johnson, sophomore “cub,” said. Johnson considers women within the age range of 20-25 not a cougar, but women who are 30 plus he definitely considers a cougar.

Johnson laughed as he said, “I want a woman with money and that has a stable career, so she can show me a thing or two.” 25 is his age limit. He considers this a good age, not too old, not too young, but just right. Any older and he’s running for the hills.

This is a good decision in the long run, according to Johnson.

“Older women can help you figure your life out,” Johnson said. He would on the other hand keep this hush; hush for a little unlike Kaur who had an open mind.

“I wouldn’t mind telling people if i felt the relationship was going somewhere,” Johnson goes on to say.

Johnson, much like Kaur, is not afraid of judgment.

Both said happiness is what matters.

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Jennarose DiGiacomo

Cabrini College '15,
Lifestyles Editor
Creator and Host of the show Bless Your Heart

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