RHA: little voices, big ideas

By Cecelia Francisco
April 7, 2005

RHA won’t let setbacks stop them. So far this year the Residence Hall Association has worked through obtaining a new advisor, some members leaving to study abroad, and having one of the students’ top concerns denied.

RHA is an organization that doubles as a soundboard for resident students’ concerns, and also provides activities and programs for the campus community.

According to Vice President Lisa Defino the top two major concerns brought up by campus residents have been obtaining paper towels in the bathrooms and acquiring enough properly working washers and dryers.

“We have addressed the paper towel issue and simply,” Delfino said. “And simply, we have been told that there isn’t enough money in the budget. It is a very costly issue in which they are not able to accommodate for the students.”

Despite the paper towel rejection, RHA has managed to accomplish some shining moments this year. Their biggest achievement this year has been Cabrini Idol.

“Each year with Cabrini Idol, we try to improve and make it more memorable for the participants and audience.” Delfino said. “With this year, I think we definitely went above and beyond. As a result It was a major success!”

The battle continues, according to Delfino, to get through to students that RHA exists to help with students’ problems and concerns.

“RHA has done many things to get our name out there such as ads in the newspapers, open meetings for new members, and slips under resident’s doors asking them to contact us with any problems.” Delfino said. “We haven’t had any response to ou efforts. It is frustrating at times because we are here for the residents to help improve their living conditions and also we are trying to recruit new members.”

RHA has a flag football tournament for both males and females scheduled for the end of April. Signups will begin next week in the cafeteria and Jazzman’s. Prizes will be given to the winners of each team of 5-10 members.

RHA is always looking for new members who want to be involved on campus. If you are interested in the organization, open meetings are held Sunday nights at 10 pm in the New Residence Hall. Contact President Colleen Bowman and extension 3138 or Vice President Lisa Delfino at extension 3137.

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Cecelia Francisco

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