Reynolds tour to hit east coast

By Britany Wright
September 20, 2007

photo by Von hoffman

“Lunch in Lisbon” anyone? This catchy debut album will be premiering this Fall 2007 as Brandon Reynolds tours the east coast.

So who is Brandon Reynolds? Brandon Reynolds is an artist with a unique set of lyrics set to the smooth, bluesy tunes of folk-rock. Reynolds is returning to the east coast for his tour, he is no stranger to the Atlantic Ocean’s shorelines. He grew up in various cities during his childhood, ranging from Minneapolis, Greenwich Village, Northern California and Austin. The true turning point in his musical career occurred when he went to the University of Central Florida located in Orlando, Fla.

After working his way through school singing in bars, coffee houses and musical festivals he began touring in early 2002.

Reynolds says in his biography, “I started out writing and performing these haunting, introspective songs, which were an extension of my poetry writing throughout adolescence and my studying of psychology at college.I begin tinkering with more up-tempo songs and including harmonica in my songs.”

“This coincided with a period of my life where I really got into old acoustic blues guys, like Robert Johnson and Leadbelly.

This led directly to the type of music I play now. Folk-Rock with a dash of Root Blues,” Reynolds said.

Some of his other influences besides Robert Johnson and Leadbelly include Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.

He really began to jumpstart his career in 2006 when he moved to Southern California and through his ties in the Los Angeles musical underground he met producer Rob Seals.

Seals recorded a three-track acoustic demo by Reynolds. By recording this demo Reynolds had a chance to enter the world of music quicker than his fellow musicians.

On the album itself there are six tracks. Every song tells a story in the form of a poem.

Reynolds uses the technique of repetition in his lyrics to help the song to be more catchy.

The song “Lisbon Girl” demonstrates this with the phrase, “don’t you know, what you’re doing to me.” The song itself is about a girl that seems to run every time she is about to enter a relationship with a boy.

Another song, “Country Seminole,” paints a picture of a man playing his guitar on a rainy night just waiting for his friend to get off of work.

Reynolds writes about where he is in great detail, for example, “traffic lights are blinking in Seminole.quiet night, books and wine.”

The music Reynolds performs is down-to-earth and something that everyone can easily relate to.

Reynolds creates an album that can be listened to for relaxation or to jam out to a blues song.

For more information on this artist check out Reynolds’ site, or his myspace page at

There is information about his life journeys, articles and interviews about his performances and also samples of his music that can be heard for free.

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Britany Wright

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