Review: Drake and Meek enemies

By Patrick Whalen
September 10, 2015

Rapper Drake responds to Meek Mill’s diss by dropping “Back to Back.” Creative Commons

What do you get when you call Drake out on Twitter? Two unbelievable songs.

Meek Mill, once a close friend to Drake, called him out on Twitter saying that Drake did not write his own raps. Drake then responded by coming out with his single “Charged Up” followed by the more popular single “Back To Back.”

Within a few hours, Drake’s two singles had millions of views, putting Meek Mill on the hot seat.

Drake said it best when he said “trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers.” So what did Meek Mill have to say about the two songs that Drake dropped? “Baby lotion soft.” Good one Meek, ya really got him good.

If you thought Meek Mill couldn’t embarrass himself anymore, you were wrong.

Meek graduated from Twitter and went to the mic. Bad mistake Meek.

Meek dropped “Wanna Know,” and frankly, it was pathetic.

If I had a choice to listen to Meek’s single, or trap myself in a room while blasting Nickelback on repeat, I would choose the latter.

It was comparable to the Sandlot 2, Cabrini’s cafeteria food and the Jacksonville Jaguars. I actually could not even get through the whole entire song it was so bad.

However, it made for a very entertaining rap beef. Although, I still do not completely understand what caused Meek to come at Drake over Twitter. Was it all just a publicity stunt? If so, it definitely worked. Or maybe this is all just Nikki Minaj’s doing. Everyone and their mothers know that Drake is a little obsessed with Nikki. Probably because of her personality right?

Either way it was definitely a good thing for music fans around the world. I have listened to “Back to Back” at least fifty times. I don’t think I am alone when I say that their should be Twitter beefs more frequently. If that is what it takes to make Drake actually rap and not sing about girls he dated in high school then keep coming at him. Just don’t be too harsh, he might cry.

Now that everyone has said what they have said, Meek has gone to Twitter and deleted several of his tweets referencing Drake. The only downside about all of this drama is that Drake and Meek Mill will most likely never be in another song together. It is safe to say that that era is now over.

Patrick Whalen

2 thoughts on “Review: Drake and Meek enemies”

  1. Terrible article you are late to the scene and biased honestly don’t become a journalist you would embarrass don lemon

  2. Well I guess I’m doing my job right if I attracted at least one person’s attention. Thanks for the feedback Cassidy.

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