Retro TV show “Dallas” turns to spin-off movie

By Gail Katherine Ziegler
April 6, 2006

Gossip is heating up with rumors of a movie spin-off of the hit ’80s show “Dallas,” according to

The release date is still to be announced in 2007. 20th Century Fox is putting the film together with producers Michael Costigan and David Jacobs. The movie will be directed by Robert Luketic and the script will be written by Robert Harling, according to

Douglas Lynch, fine arts instructer, remembers Dallas well. He said that everyone watched it but doubts that a drama movie remake could be successful.

Lynch said, “Ultimately it will become a comedy.”

The movie has been in the works for years and says, “casting for the movie is underway and we will all see a ‘surpise cast’ which will be confirmed before the final draft of the script is written.”

The hit television series ran from 1978-1991 as a nighttime soap opera that was on once a week, according to

Dr. Jolyon Girard said, “It was a horrible evening soap opera.” When asked if he would like to see the film he said, “If all electronic devices go out in the world. maybe.”

Dawn Francis, English and communication professor, loved the show. She said, “The characters really made the show, so in order for me to want to see the movie, it would have to be a well-rounded cast.”

Robert Zemekis said jokingly on that because of casting, “There are gifts being exchanged and people scratching each other’s eyes out.”

The part of Sue Ellen Ewing is reportedly being filled by Jennifer Lopez, JR Ewing by John Travolta and Miss Ellie by Shirley MacLaine.

Other stars that have been cast including Luke Wilson as Bobby Ewing and Marcia Cross as Pamela Barnes Ewing, according to Paris Hilton was being considered for the role of Lucy Ewing, according to but as one fan put it, “Keep Paris out of Dallas.” had an article reporting Lindsey Lohan and Jessica Simpson being up for the role of Lucy Ewing. Lindsey apparently had the endorsement of the original Lucy, Charlene Tilton, according to

The article pointed out that Simpson has the buxom body, long blonde hair and Texan accent. said, “As notes, her native heredity in Texas would make her more of a natural for the role.”

Amy Deblasis, English professor, said her only memory of the show is “Who shot JR?”

Dr. Angela Corbo, English and communication professor, remembered the answer, “Kristin shot JR” being posted everywhere including on gas station advertising signs. Corbo also likened “Dallas” to “The Sopranos” of younger generations.

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Gail Katherine Ziegler

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