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By Staff Writer
November 21, 2002

SGA leader is malicious and should resign
By Teilhard Beauchesne(Contact at 610-948-0302)
I was made aware there was a problem with my previous article being cut off, i hope this one is ok. I specifcied where the end is, well where it should be if you recieve the entire document

The Loquitur can hardly be called a nonbiased newspaper any more. The paper has become an outlet for one of its editors, see sports editor Alexis Strizziere personal attack on me in the November 22nd issue. Miss Strizziere will not suffer any recourse for her attack on me, even though submission letter to the Loquitur specifically say that personal attacks will not be printed. After all, she is a journalist, freedom of speech; though I think the ACLU might disagree. I was very incensed to see Miss Strizziere article. Firstly, I was solicited by Paul Williams for an opinion on student organizations and I gave a personal one. The SGA is useless. People should be able to give an opinion without fear of attack. Was the statement “bogus” as Strizziere said? Well, who knows? In her entire attack piece on me she failed to state what the SGA does. Strizziere said, “I was ashamed to admit that the student that made the comment about the ‘useless SGA’ is a human being let alone a student.” Well I’m sorry to tell you, but I am a human being, even though you have tried to degrade me with your malicious and semi-incoherent attacks. You insult me as a human being. Strizziere calls my understanding an “ignorant” one. And that it would “behoove” me to reconsider my opinion. Well I thought about my opinion long and hard. As president of the SGA, you have no integrity. You say you try to help students like me. WHAT! You mock me, you deny me the right to an opinion because it does not agree with your own, and you degrade this institution by being a member of it. You personally attack me in a poorly written article, yet you fail to mention, if anything, what the SGA does. Why would I want to come to a 10P.M. meeting, convenient since I’m a commuter, for the SGA if I had to deal with people like you? Any president that resorts to attacks on fellow students does not belong in this school and certainly should not be able to claim that she is the class president of our institution. How dare you personally attack me to make up for you organizations own deficiencies! You and your USELESS SGA have enacted nothing that has helped students like me. I am not alone in my views on the SGA. Your article proves that an intelligent person, such as I, could never become SGA president. Your vicious and hurtful attacks have shown what kind of person becomes student class president. Alexis Strizziere is a disgrace to our institution; these kinds of attacks should not be allowed, especially in our school newspaper. Who allows these attacks to be printed? I was told that the only thing I could do was write a response. Strizziere has abused her privilege of writing for the paper. A leader does not attack and resort to name-calling; Alexis Strizziere is not a leader or a writer. Alexis, I ask that you resign as student class president. Every person in this institution should be ashamed that you represent them. I assume you will not resign, therefore next semester I am starting a petition to ensure that you leave that office. Also, You should apologize for your attacks on me. Students! I ask you to join my campaign to oust Strizziere, tell her you do not want her as class president anymore, sign my petition. I know I could do a better job as SGA president Strizziere believes that she actually does things for us and that I could not do better. I take Strizziere’s challenge. If I were running the SGA I would accomplish something for you, the student body, without personally attacking people.(end)

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Staff Writer

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