Resident life’s burden

By John Holloway
February 12, 2004

Angelina Wagner

Every resident living on campus has to stop complaining, and start dealing. For the past six months, there has been some sort of complaint on the housing issues for residents. Walk anywhere on campus and you will most likely hear, “I live in a double, with three people.” Welcome to college.

All schools in the tri-state area that house students are overcrowding their dorms. This is not because of money issues, but because there are too many people applying. What are we to do.

Sure, it is tough to cope in small living quarters, just stop thinking you are the only ones. There are worse situations out there. Villanova, for example, has been letting four to five people live in one triple, and St. Joe’s has three people in almost all of their doubles. And they keep taking in more.

The best part of all these annoyances is when the school decides to compromise, students take aim at that. Obviously taking care of dorm issues can’t happen over night. Cabrini uses the resources around them for immediate gratification. So they are renting space from Harcum College. Now instead of complaining about their crowded room, students dread the idea of living two miles off campus.

If one is that fed up, move off campus on your own. The price can be comparable, and you can still get on the meal plan. We are a small institution that is trying to invoke social activity. The only way to have more social events is more people.

Something I really admire about attending Cabrini College is the opportunity for a clean slate. For those of us arguing the fact that Cabrini’s admissions board is too lenient, think about how you got in before wondering about some freshmen that are enrolling. Cabrini offers a new start for those who want to succeed. The college knows that decisions made in high school shouldn’t affect the rest of one’s life, that is why Cabrini is open to all applicants.

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John Holloway

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