Regarding Chris Vesci’s Top Ten Most Annoying Things in Pop Culture List

By Josh Dzielak
February 22, 2001

by Josh Dzielak ’04

Why in the world would we turn our noses up at television shows that actually promote something positive and uplifting, when it seems everything on television is sex and violence? The Cabrini College students are from the 80’s generation, many of whom grew up with the Tanner family on Full House. And 7th Heaven, about a minister and his family, with yes,a little bit of preaching in it (he is a minister, remember),is only going to foster good behavior and civilized mannerisms. Does the news coverage express that wholesome family television, or for heaven sake the classic movie “Big”, about a child’s adventures in a grown body? Or is it promoting the violence that took place in Greensboro, N.C. or at Columbine High School?

Technological advances like AOL Instant Messenger and cellular telephones have helped to improve society’s systems of communication. If they are misused (as in the example of IMing another person in the same room) it is simply a misguided understanding of the purpose and usefulness of these advances.

Your tangent last year about the King of Prussia Mall must have escaped my reading list, but shopping is an incredibly popular pastime and the King of Prussia Mall is rated among the largest on the East Coast. So good luckfinding a parking space there, or trying to point out the problems with this wonderful place.

I won’t attempt to defend the lack of morals presented by certain reality-TV shows, but Survivor has risen to the top of the ratings, promotes basic survival skills as well testing wits vs. strength, and even sparked an on-campus recreational activity (giving the Thursday night beer-busting crowd something better to do for a few nights on our college campus).

And, of course, the ever-so popularly used Internet search engines. Anyone who has had to write a serious research paper in the last five years would think twice, long and hard, before criticizing one of the tools that saved them a countless number of hours manually searching for the materialthey needed.

To criticize some of the greatest things to come out of this era, and call it “pop culture” if one chooses, seems to to be a slap in theface of gratitude. Is the next step to refuse the gratitude rightly deserved by our parents and teachers for their sharing of knowledge and experience?

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Josh Dzielak

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