Recycling clothes for a whole new wardrobe

By Brianne Drissel
October 6, 2012

The seasons are changing and new trends are rising. Before you are tempted to drop tons of dollars on new attire, go through and check out what’s already existing in your closet or dressers.

If you have a favorite T-shirt that’s torn, jeans that are now too short, a runner in those once-sheer stockings, or maybe a tank that’s two sizes too big but the pattern is still one of your favorites – It’s time to get crafty and creative, and salvage your wardrobe into something you’ll love. Instead of tossing out the old, use these tips to recycle and be in with the new.

1. Everyone has some sort of particular T-shirt stashed away, whether it’s too big, worn out or just fitted and boring. With a few snips you can transform it in a variety of ways into something you’ll grab more often.

2. Jean’s lacking in length can easily be cut into summertime shorts in minutes. Be unique and add on lace designed or fabric pattern. You can also try bleaching on a tribal print, or cutting a scalloped-like pattern on the bottom edges of your newly designed shorts.

3.Laddered stockings seem to be increasingly present now.  For those of you who have held on to that one pair of stockings with the tiny hole or runner, put them on a create bigger and wider holes especially around the knees! You can also use a seam ripper or scissors to make the rips in your stockings more defined.

4. With a tank top that you already own, a little time and intuition, you can construct your very own tank top tote. Take any preferably large tank, turn the shirt inside out and sew the bottom hems together – be careful not to sew too close to the bottom seam, usually a half inch to an inch is perfect. After sewing turn the tank right side out and the straps of the tank top are now the new straps of your new tote.

When all is said and done, if you still have clothes that you’ve found no hope for, you can donate them to charity, or try selling them to places like Plato’s Closet or The Salvation Army for a few extra bucks!


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Brianne Drissel

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