Record high number of applicants

By Jen Smith
May 2, 2002

In the past few years, Cabrini has been experiencing a record high number of applicants. Each year since the fall of 2000, the college has enrolled a larger freshman class that they have any previous year. With so many incoming freshmen, the question is left to be asked, “What is Cabrini’s appeal?”

According to graduating senior Jamie Matozzo, the answer to that question is simple. “I think Cabrini’s location and small size appeal to a lot of people, as does the reputation of a lot of the teachers and faculty at Cabrini, I think that is a real big part of its intrigue.”

The size and location of the school make it an ideal choice for students looking for an intimate educational experience. The ability to receive one on one attention from professors provides even the best students with a sense of security in their academic success. Freshman resident Anita Joerger feels that the attention you are given from professors is a great addition to Cabrini’s appeal.

“I would say that I do like the availability of my professors, it makes it easier for me to meet with them, and all of my professors have been very helpful.” Said Joerger. For someone who is looking for a smaller educational environment, Cabrini’s average class size of 18 and it’s 14:one student faculty ratio offers the type of environment suited for such a prospective student.

Jamie Getka, Admissions Office Service Representative, feels that all of these reasons are contributing to Cabrini’s overall appeal. “Cabrini is appealing to most students because of the small class sizes, student to teacher ratios, small student body, and peaceful campus setting.” Said Getka.

Whatever the reason for the appeal, Cabrini continues to enroll more freshmen each year than any year before.

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Jen Smith

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