Real Life Romance: Part Four

By Staff Writer
February 12, 2004

Angelina Wagner

What better way to prepare for Valentine’s Day then by messing up the sock drawer and closet in the bedroom. The results of a poll that was conducted by IKEA weren’t what they expected them to be. According to the poll, guys that have messy sock drawers have sex three times more a month than guys who are organized. The poll even concluded that disorganized couples have better relationships. It was found that if couples didn’t have a closet organizer they argued three times less. Think twice about purchasing that Palm Pilot for your hubby because if they don’t have one they’re more likely to remember your birthday than if they did. Another result they also found was that married men are more likely to leave their pajamas on the floor than single men.

Whether any of this applies or not who knows. If there’s really a connection between super organized closets and someone’s sex life, does it really matter? It has been found in other studies done about couples that those who are less organized do have better relationships. The more organized a person is the more they want to be in control of the surroundings around them. Also by taking the time to be organized and make sure all the dishes are done leaves time unspent that could be spent with your husband, wife or partner. In some ways it can be said that the IKEA survey went horribly wrong but when it comes down to it messy socks are the key to a happier love life.

Those couples that are disorganized have a more carefree sense to their relationship. They take objectives into stride more and there’s more of a sense of independence about them. They might argue less than those couples that have closet organizers but you can probably already guess what they will argue about anyway. Another interesting fact that was discovered that registered Republicans are three times more likely than Democrats to color-code their t-shirt drawers. The other findings of the survey also had this to say; “‘Survivor’ watchers are four times as likely as those who watch ‘Friends’ to fold their underwear.”

See what reality television can do for you. It’s OK to break out into an attack plan to organize everything throughout the household but just remember those messy closets and socks can get further than you think.

Here’s a little fact for the sake of the survey; “Men spend an average of 80 minutes per week looking for the remote control while women spend only seven minutes.” Just remember the more time you spend looking for that remote control the less time you get to spend with that special Valentine.

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Staff Writer

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