Reality Check- Texting

By Justin Sillner
March 13, 2011

So you meet someone at a party or you are introduced to someone through a friend, you come to realize you really like this person. Enter in the question that we all ask when we need to figure out how to continue communication.

Who should text who first?

After parting ways with one another after you first met, we sit and wait and try to figure out if we should say something first or wait for them.

We are told that we do not, by any circumstance, want to come off as clingy and eager to talk to them again. And of course all girls believe that the men should text them first.

Let me just state that if you really like the person, you should just talk to them. What do you have to lose? Why does it matter who texts who first?

The best way to execute the post-first-date text is to be subtle and not overbearing. For example, texts like “Hey, I had a great night, can’t wait to do it again” are perfect to break the ice.

You could also send texts that would only make sense to the two of you. For example, “So I just heard some guy laugh just like that guy we saw tonight.” Texts like these are reminders that you didn’t forget the time you spent together.

Also, the use of social media is a good way to share your feelings with that person. Leaving a smiley face on their wall or maybe even a poke is definitely a way to show that you enjoy that person’s company and would like to continue chatting.

As the days go on after you two lovebirds have met, sending a random text to that person will let them know that you’re thinking about them. One of my personal favorites is the ever so common, “Hope you’re having a great day!”

There are many ways to communicate with your new friend. Give them your Skype name so you two can have a flirtatious video chat or write them an old-fashioned love note.

The only caution with this texting exercise is being overbearing. If you’re sending over five text messages without getting a response, I think it’s time to hold back just a little. You don’t want to seem desperate.

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Justin Sillner

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