Real wives with real DRAMA

By Chelbi Mims
April 24, 2012

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s season 4 kicked off with enough drama to fill the city limits.

Season 3 ended with the Gorga’s and Giudices taking a nice family portrait but drama still lingered between the ladies as Caroline, Melissa and Kathy read the unflattering things Teresa said about them in her latest cookbook, “Fabulicious.” She said that Caroline was as Italian as the Olive Garden and her sister-in-law, Melissa, was a copycat. These harsh words made the premiere of season 4 begin on an unsettling note.

The premiere began with the Gorgas and Wakiles at a family barbeque doing what they do best, bashing Teresa. They revealed to Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, the rude things his sister said about his wife and cousin.

The entire scene seemed a little too staged and if it wasn’t they all need to get a hobby and stop constantly talking about Teresa. Kathy Wakiles’ husband even said, “I think we should burn the bitch on a stake.” Who says these things? If she didn’t kill your entire family or set your house on fire why would you want to burn her? You would think Teresa’s book was the most controversial book of the century.

The scene then turns to a gathering at Jacqueline’s home and when Teresa arrived at her home no one was excited to see her. Caroline’s children gave her dirty looks as she walked through the kitchen talking about the corn Caroline was cooking.

Teresa was in a tough predicament with her co-stars and when she tried to apologize to Caroline, as the families gathered at Jacqueline’s home, about the comments in her book, Caroline brushed her off and told her “a little thing called loyalty is clearly lacking.”

Teresa once again showed that she is physically incapable to apologize or feel compassion for anyone but herself and she didn’t understand why Caroline was so upset about the comments that she thought was a joke “funny funny.”

Once again the show wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t any Ashlee drama. We found that the radical teen changed her name from Ashley to Ashlee, her hair color to blonde and she draped her body with tattoos. As the show reached a climactic turn Chris, Jacqueline’s husband, tells Ashlee she has to move to Las Vegas or be kicked out on the street.  What makes no sense is that Jacqueline sits in the other room playing with the couple’s youngest child, breathing the statement “make the right choice Ashlee.” Maybe this child is so bad because her mother is afraid of her and if you have a troublesome teen why send them to Sin City?

We then saw big bad buff Joe Giudice attack again as he blatantly told Teresa and her children he was cheating on her. He said he was hanging out with women in Atlantic City the night before they left for a family shore vacation. Teresa still stands by her man as he distances her from her family and worries about going to jail for identity fraud. When Teresa told Joe Giudice about their oldest daughter reading in tabloids the couple is getting a divorce, Joe is cheating and being sent to prison he nonchalantly says, “that’s the life you picked.”

The episode ended with Joe Gorgo speaking to his sister Teresa about the ‘In Touch’ magazine article and telling her if Joe Guidice were sent to jail he would be there for her. That statement opened up a whole new can of beans and Teresa became defensive and said Gorgo didn’t even call Teresa or the children when Joe went to jail for a week.

The only fun part of the episode was the candid statement by Milania. She called her sister a “stupid whore” and screamed to her dad “ you are like a dragon.” She was definitely the comic relief in the episode.

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Chelbi Mims

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