Rachel Hetrick: rowing’s leader

By Kevin McLaughlin
September 25, 2020

Rowing will take place this season. The leader of the team, Rachel Hetrick, is prepared to work for positive results.

The expectations for the season are currently unknown. “For this year, I’m honestly not sure what the season will look like,” Hetrick said. As important as success throughout the season is for her, the relationships that will be made is what is most important. “My hope is that the team will form a bond that will ultimately help us in the years to come and continue to build the rowing program,” Hetrick said.

Even as a leader, Hetrick is still working on her growth as a teammate this year. Improving herself and doing anything she can for her teammates is what she demands. “I hope to show my teammates that we can continue to grow together, improve together and learn from each other,” Hetrick said.

Photo of Hetrick competing in a childhood cancer race (Photo courtesy of Rachel Hetrick)

Since joining the team at Cabrini, Hetrick believes it is one of the best decisions she has ever made. “It has helped shaped me into the teammate and person I am today,” Hetrick said.

Photo of Hetrick and her teammates during a match (Photo courtesy of Rachel Hetrick)

Scott Gavin-Wisniewski, head coach of the team, spoke highly of Hetrick and expressed the confidence he has in her as a leader of this team. “I am expecting her to help unite our squad for this year, along with getting her teammates to meet on a personal level,” Gavin-Wisniewski said.

Gavin-Wisniewski spoke on behalf of the trust that is needed in this role. Hetrick needs the trust of her teammates to stand up and lead in the best way possible. “Earning the trust of the team is the most important thing with her role on this team,” Gavin-Wisniewski said.

There are obstacles that must be overcome during the season and Hetrick is more than willing to confront and battle them. Staying positive and upbeat can be difficult when things are not going well. For Hetrick, this is understood and her goal is to keep the same mindset all year long. “Attitude and mentality is an obstacle that we will face this year,” Hetrick said. As a leader, Hetrick will provide all she can and stay confident so that her teammates will see there is always hope. “My hope is to encourage each other to stay positive and make the best decisions that we can,” Hetrick said.

Hetrick is ecstatic to meet her new teammates and to get back to business. “I look forward to meeting everyone and being in the boat again,” Hetrick said. Getting back into the water is what Hetrick is what she is mostly looking forward to. “The water is so beautiful and I cannot wait to have that feeling again,” Hetrick said.




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Kevin McLaughlin

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