Public Safety Report

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October 18, 2001

On Thursday, Oct. 4, four visitation violations were issued in Xavier. Once citation was issued in House Six for a resident who had five visitors. That is three over the legal limit. Two residents were cited for underage drinking in the New Residence Hall.

On Friday, Oct. 5, two students were cited for alcohol on Residential Blvd. One citation was written for public drunkenness at House Six. Two citations were written in House Five for drinking.

On Sunday, Oct. 7, five citations were written for assault and underage drinking. A fight broke out in the Cabrini Apartment Complex. Four of the students involved were residents of the CAC, while one student was a resident of House Five. One citation was written for a visitation violation in the NRH.

On Monday, Oct. 8, a citation was written for vandalism in House One. A student punched holes into the wall using the earpiece of a telephone.

On Tuesday, Oct. 9, one citation was written for a visitation violation in Woodcrest.

On Wednesday, Oct. 10, five citations were written in Woodcrest for underage drinking. One citation was written for a visitation violation in House Two. Ten citations were issued in Xavier for underage drinking. In Woodcrest, residents were cited for having a popcorn maker, which is an unlawful appliance. A resident of Xavier was cited for vandalism for having a ripped screen.

On Thursday, Oct. 11, three citations for visitation violations were written in House two. Two visitations violations were written in Woodcrest. Citations were written in House two for having illegal appliances, an oversized fridge and a microwave oven.

On Friday, Oct. 12, one citation was issued in Xavier for a ripped screen. This citation was issued to the same resident with a ripped screen on Oct. 10. The screen was fixed on Oct. 11. Two citations were issued for visitation violations in House Two.

On Sunday, Oct. 13, three citations were issued in the CAC for underage drinking. One citation was issued in the CAC for drinking and disorderly conduct.


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