Pre 9/11 threats analyzed

By Kristen Catalanotto
March 25, 2004

On Tuesday, March 23, an independent commission discussed how both the Bush and Clinton administrations had advanced warning concerning attacks by al Qaida before Sept. 11. The administrations defended themselves by saying they did the best they could with the information they were provided. According to the commission, former President Clinton knew of a link between Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the leader of the September. attacks, and al Qaida as far back as 1995, according to MSNBC.

Methodist Bishop acquited

Minister of the United Methodist Church acquitted the Rev. Karen Dammann. Dammann was being charged by the church for violating the church’s law concerning homosexuals. Dammann had been living with her girlfriend of eight years, Meredith Savage and recently married her in Portland, Oregon. Dammann could have lost her job as pastor of her 200 member church, according to the Washington Post.

Protests occur around globe

On the one year anniversary of the war in Iraq, all over the world millions marched in order to show their support for the troops who they feel should be brought back home. The demonstrations were calm and smaller than the demonstrations that took place before the war started. The protesters were not only marching against the war in Iraq, but also against the situations in Haiti and Israel, according the New York Times.

Suspected bomber arrested

A man suspected of being involved in the U.S.S. Cole bombing that took place in Oct. 2000, was arrested in Yemen on Friday, March 19. The suspect, Samir Abdullah Mohammed Ballaki, had escaped from jail in Aden, Yemen a year ago. The United States has been looking for 18 suspects they believe were involved in the bombing, according to CNN.

Rovers search coming to an end

The lives of the two Mars rovers will soon end, when their batteries slowly die. The robots main objective, finding evidence of water on the red planet, has been achieved. The rovers had a planned lifespan of 90 days, and until their batteries are drained they will continue to trek across Mars in search of new discoveries, according Reuters.

Bush campaigns in Florida

President George W. Bush was in Florida on Saturday, March 20. While there, Bush claimed that Kerry is a candidate who is seeking to raise taxes 350 times. Throughout Bush’s rally, he pointed out Senator Kerry’s flaws concerning lowering the deficit and raising taxes, according to MSNBC.

Gas prices soar across country

Gas prices have been steadily going up and the Automobile Association of America says that prices are at an all time average high of $1.783 a gallon. The price surpassed the record set last August at $1.737. The state of California currently has the most expensive gas at $2.141 and Oklahoma currently has the cheapest at $1.604, according to CNN

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Kristen Catalanotto

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