Presidential candidates on energy

By Noelle Westfall
October 30, 2008

Senators John McCain and Barack Obama have both made energy an important topic in their campaigns.

Each of these men believe in alternative fuels, cleaner energy options and of course, getting gas prices cut.

But which senator’s plans really are the most likely to get the job done in D.C.?

According to McCain’s Web site, one of his ideas is to use the natural energy options available in the Outer Continental Shelf, which he states contain 77 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas. He wishes to lift the moratorium that the federal government mandates on drilling in this area.

However, the oil provided from the shelf wouldn’t be available any time soon and would only temporarily relieve our dependency on fossil fuels.

He is also a big supporter of zero-emission nuclear energy and wishes to construct at least 45 new Nuclear Power Plants by 2030.

The Republican Party platform states “the labor force will expand, with nearly 15,000 high quality jobs created for every new nuclear plant built-and those workers will lead the nation away from its dependence on foreign oil.” In this way, McCain will be putting two election issues into one convenient package-job creation and clean fuel, who could ask for more?

Obama’s passions on the energy issue stem primarily from creating new, green jobs and help for the common man as well. According to his Web site, he hopes to ensure 10 percent of our electricity comes from renewable sources by 2012, and 25 percent by 2025. states that Obama has also changed his mind to be open to drilling for oil along the Florida coast in order to cut tax breaks for oil companies.

What he really wants to do is release oil from the national Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which he claims would lower oil prices, a proposal which has been supported by congressional Democrats. Obama states he would also “extend the federal Production Tax Credit for five years to encourage the production of renewable energy.”

Throughout my research, I’ve concluded Obama’s plans for energy are the most creative and will be helpful to our country in the shortest amount of time.

The best way to tell which candidate will truly lead our country towards prosperity is to think about the all of the topics out there-abortion, education, healthcare, ect.- and to use that information towards your pick for president.

Energy is only one part of the big four year picture, but it is an important one.

So when you’re at the polls on Nov. 4, take all of the issues you’re passionate about and make the smartest choice.

Who do you think is making the greatest effort to add some “green” to our red, white and blue?

Noelle Westfall

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