Precautions my job has taken during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Jeffery Williams
May 4, 2020

Warning sign for customers to remind them that they can buy only buy a certain number of items. Photos by Jeffery Williams

During the times of the pandemic, many businesses have been forced to shut down and lay off their employees to slow the spread of COVID-19. But some essential businesses have stayed open. For example markets, banks, and gas stations.

Since I work at a Walmart, the supervisors have taken many precautions and have abided by the rules of the government.

“The employees must have their temperatures taken before they report to their shifts and then you have to sign off on your current temperature,” Jennifer Hardy, online grocery shopper manager, said.” We have also been giving employees disposable gloves and face masks for every employee,” Hardy said

Something I have noticed a lot lately is that Walmart has begun closing. We have started closing to restock items overnight. Normally as a 24-hour store, we don’t close to restock but during these desperate times, we must replenish our food and stock.

The limited amount of cases of water. Photo by Jeffery Williams

As a cashier, we are required to clean the register belt before and after we use it. Just recently we had to add glass barriers on every register, including the customer service registers. We can’t allow all the cashiers on all the register due to social distancing. So most of the time we have to return the food and merchandise to the back to the shelves and fridges.

“On days like Sundays, most of our cashiers work that day,” Gabriel Wilson, customer service manager, said.” During the day most of the customers complain that we should open up more lines and we can only keep four open at a time.”  Wilson said.

Wilson stated that during the pandemic, Walmart has started to keep a limit of people coming in. Normally on the weekends and Mondays, we have an average of 625 customers. Now we can only allow in 25 customers inside at a time.

“As far as customers, we have put stickers on the floor to remind customers to stay six feet apart at all times, “Hardy said.” We also had to limit what customers could buy, due to the fact that they were buying bulks of toilet paper, paper towels, and cases of water. We were forced to limit those items one per customer.”

During the day,  while I’m taking inventory, I notice that customers are clearing the cleaning aisles out daily. They’re constantly in the Walmart pharmacy getting medication, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol and peroxide. There are now lines around Walmart just to enter this building. It’s a mandatory rule that we can’t allow customers to enter the store or serve customers if they don’t wear a mask.

I’m not sure how everything will turn out as this pandemic progresses on and things continue to get worst. My supervisors have been taking about pushing for ways to meet the customers demands and accommodate better service.








Jeffery Williams

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