Powermat charges technology with all-in-one device

By Jason Moran
October 29, 2009

Shannon Keough

There is a lot of buzz around the new Powermat that hit electronic stores across the country this month. Many people have seen the catchy commercials on TV, advertising this new innovative device. For those of you who don’t know what the Powermat is, it’s a new invention that can charge cell phones, iPods and other household electronics without any cords. It is wireless charging.

The possibilities are endless with this new Powermat technology. The Powermat looks like a skinny rectangular plate. This plate is referred to as the mat. Users of the Powermat plug this mat into an outlet on the wall to turn it on. After the mat is plugged in, anyone can place their electronic devices on top of it to charge them. The mat uses magnetic induction, not electricity, to charge the items. This magnetic induction makes it impossible for anyone to get shocked when picking up their phone up from the mat.

These items being charged on top of the mat have to have something called a receiver on the back of them to charge them. It’s not as easy as just placing any phone on top of the mat and having it charge. Powermat makes receivers that can be put on the back of Blackberrys, iPhones and Nintendo DS. There is also a separate charger you place on the mat called a Powercube, which has a USB cord to connect to the phone.

Whatever device a person places on the mat, it will be charged by the mat at the same speed that any normal charger would charge these items. Also, the Powermat can charge multiple items at once. Powermat claims it can charge up to six items at once and all of the objects will charge as fast as if they had their own regular charger. Being able to charge multiple items at once makes this product to be considered green because it saves energy.

The No. 1 seller of the Powermat so far is the Portable Mat for travelers. This mat is as long as the Powermat, but it can fold up to the size of a wallet, which makes it easy for travelers. It’s also convenient because people don’t have to travel with three different chargers for the phones, iPods and laptops.

There was also a display at a convention where there was a Powermat kitchen table, where all of the household electronics on top of a kitchen table were powered. These items included a blender, mixer and microwave. This display shows that there are endless possibilities to this new technology.

However, the downside to the Powermat is that it costs $100. Buyers also need to buy receivers to put on the back of their phones and iPods, which cost roughly $30 each. So, if students are looking into buying a Powermat, be ready to spend the cash. To experience the full tilt of the Powermat by being able to charge at least three things at once, a person will have to spend around $200.

The Powermat is new and very interesting, but will people be willing to spend over $100 for a new, cool way to charge their phones?

Although some Powermats are selling, it seems as though people will wait until the price decreases to buy one.

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Jason Moran

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