Posters bring personality to college residence halls

By Liz Lavin
November 3, 2006

No college dorm is complete without its fair share of posters. The variety of posters hanging in dorm rooms today is endless; ranging from your favorite band, movie or movie star to your favorite drinking game or model.

People’s personalities can be expressed from what hangs on their walls. Everyone shows off some side of their personality, whether it is artistic, sentimental, humorous or a mix of them all.

Walking through the female residence halls, in one room a poster of a baby’s hand in an adult’s is displayed. Another room displays the periodic table of sex. And other rooms display the hottest man of the moment or the best bands. There is a huge range in taste from one female to the next.

Is any female surprised anymore when she walks into a guy’s room and sees his walls covered with half-naked women? The majority of men at Cabrini have at least one, if not all, of the following types of posters: women, alcohol, sports, “The Simpsons,” “Family Guy” and even some original art.

Beyond the Walls Posters is a company that visits over 600 colleges across the country selling thousands of posters each year. They have a poster sale in Jazzman’s every year that is frequented by the majority of Cabrini students. Beyond the Walls offers as many posters as the day is long and the endless options continue on their website,

Spencer’s Gifts is another store for poster loving college students. They offer your stereotypical college style posters. While there are a few for women, the posters are definitely geared more towards men: John Belushi sporting the famous “college” shirt in “Animal House,” women, “Scarface,” Bob Marley, “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy.”

However, not everyone buys posters just for their dorms. The poster sale that recently took place in the lobby of Founders Hall offered books and posters for younger ages; perfect for all of the education majors who are trying to plan ahead.

Whether or not you choose to decorate your own room with posters, it is undeniable that they are quite a craze among college campuses. The easiest way to find posters is to hop online or head down the road to the King of Prussia mall. And have no fear; Beyond the Walls will be back next year.

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Liz Lavin

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