Friendship crucial to goalie’s success

By Kristine Semptimphelter
October 25, 2011

Sophomore goalkeeper Eric Nowicki. -- Jenay Smith / Photo Editor

Eric Nowicki, sophomore business administration major, is the starting goalkeeper for the Cavaliers men’s soccer team. Nowicki was named CSAC Player of The Week in November 2010 and also earned a CSAC Honorable Mention nomination.

During his senior year at John Carroll School in Bel Air, Md., Nowicki began his search for his future college. Nowicki’s older brother Matt, 22, was attending Arcadia University at that time. Growing up, Eric had a desire to follow in his brother’s footsteps and play soccer in college.

“I used to watch him play at Arcadia all the time,” Nowicki said. “I knew I wanted to play soccer in college too.”

In his search for the right school, Nowicki originally had his eye on Eastern University. But after one visit to Cabrini’s campus, Nowicki knew Cabrini was where he wanted to go.

“I was convinced after I saw the campus,” Nowicki said.

Back at home in Maryland, Nowicki’s high school friend, Ryan Cerrato, was also searching for the perfect school.

“It was really up in the air,” Cerrato said. “But I knew I could trust Eric’s judgment.”

After visiting, Nowicki was set on attending Cabrini and committed in early February 2010. He told his friend Cerrato how much he liked the campus and Cerrato immediately knew he could take what Nowicki had told him to heart.

“Because of the snow storms at that time in Maryland, I was unable to visit the campus myself,” Cerrato said.

Eventually, Cerrato determined that he wanted to go to Cabrini since his friend liked the campus. They hung out with the same friends in high school and continued to bring that friendship to Cabrini. But they weren’t always the best of friends.

“I used to know Ryan as the kid with the goggles,” Nowicki said.

Growing up, Nowicki and Cerrato played on opposing club teams. They grew up as rivals but then became friends in high school. Once they decided they would be going to the same college, what was to stop them from being roommates?

“It’s better to live with someone you know,” Nowicki said.

Since their freshman year, they have lived in East Residence Hall along with a few other roommates and teammates.

Since the pair has lived so close for the past two years, Cerrato has gotten to know Nowicki very well.

“Eric is the vocal leader on the team,” Cerrato said. “He’s definitely the loudest on the team.”

Nowicki is always ready to play and his position as goalkeeper allows him to be the eyes of the team and oversee everyone on the field.

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Kristine Semptimphelter

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