Player profile: Alexis DiCamillo

By Alexandra Rodolico
September 29, 2010

At the young age of 5 years old, Alexis DiCamillo picked up her first racquet and began the journey that would eventually lead up to her becoming a successful tennis player for Cabrini College.

DiCamillo is a junior human resources major and one day wants to experience the world for what it is in every way possible.  For now, tennis is her main focus.

“I started playing because both my mom and dad played,” DiCamillo said. “I chose Cabrini because it had a very intense program compared to a lot of schools and you will only find dedicated players here.”

This year DiCamillo was chosen as co-captain along with junior Michelle Lettmann.  Both of their leadership skills have contributed to the success of the season so far.

“Alexis was chosen by me to be a captain this year because she has a tremendous attitude, a hardcore work ethic and strives to improve every practice,” John Magee, head coach, said.  “She wants to learn and she wants to work hard and be challenged; that is what a coach looks for in all of his players.”

Although DiCamillo has been an extremely successful player for Cabrini in the past three years, winning two silver CSAC medals, she still wishes to improve her consistency.

“Power means nothing if you can’t hit the ball,” DiCamillo said.

Tennis isn’t the only thing DiCamillo loves.  She loves being with her friends, shopping and traveling too. Not only does she have an enthusiastic attitude on the court, DiCamillo is always the go- to girl to make you laugh according to fellow teammate, freshman Adriana Scotto.

“Alexis’ personality is strong and independent. She really knows how to bring our team together when it’s needed,” Lettman said.

Like most sports teams that play for Cabrini, DiCamillo and the rest of the tennis team hope to win the CSAC championship and she is positive they can do it.

When DiCamillo graduates she hopes to continue playing tennis in tournaments and leagues.  For now she is just enjoying the game and playing every game like it’s her last.

“If there’s one piece of advice I can leave with the team once I graduate it’s to always remember that you play on a team, simple enough, but it’s the truth. Every match counts win or lose,” DiCamillo said.

Alexandra Rodolico

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