Plans for South Residence to get peepholes and new shades

By Hayley Thompson
December 6, 2019

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South Residence Hall, Cabrini’s newest dorm building, currently has no peepholes in all of their residents’ doors. This is the first semester that South Residence has been occupied after it was built.

“I believe it’s a safety concern because you don’t know who’s on the other side of the door,” junior finance major Katrina Dillion said. “I wonder why they didn’t [install peepholes] when every other building has it.”

According to Cabrini’s facilities’ project manager, there are plans to install peepholes in South Residence over winter break. However, these plans may be delayed in the event of snow.

Every dorm on campus, besides South Hall, currently has peepholes installed in every door. In fact, all suites in other dorms have peepholes installed in the main door and in all of the individual rooms.

If for some reason your individual room door or suite door does not have a peephole and you wish to request one, create a facilities work request and a peephole will be installed at the earliest convenience.

Along with having no peepholes, students living in South Hall have also complained about the see-through shades for the windows. South Hall is the only dorm building to have shades. Every other residence on Cabrini’s campus has blinds that do an okay job with blocking out sunlight.

During the day, the shades in South Hall don’t block out much sunlight at all. These shades leave students’ rooms looking very bright, as if the shades weren’t even there. At night time, the shades are completely see-through when the student has their light on.

This especially affects students living on the ground level in South Hall because anyone walking by can see effortlessly into their room.

According to the interim director for facilities Matt Carney, facilities has received complaints about the quality and privacy of the shades at the street level in South and they are taking it seriously. Due to students being concerned that people could see in their room, facilities is going to replace all shades on the first floor with a different type.

Two rooms in South Hall’s first floor have gotten the new shades installed so far. Facilities plans on replacing the rest of these shades during winter break. They felt is would be easier to install the new shades when the building is empty. These plans also have the potential to be delayed due to snow. However, the new shades have already been purchased and will be installed as soon as possible.

If you have any concerns about see-through shades, broken blinds or a lack of peepholes, remember that you can create a facilities work request and they will always do their best to fix any problems that you may have.

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Hayley Thompson

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