Plans for Planned Parenthood

By Brittney Palmer
October 6, 2015

Statistics show what Planned Parenthood is used for, based on reports as of 2014. Graphic Designed by Katie Muska

Planned Parenthood has definitely made headlines lately and it has not been very positive. I do not really know how I feel about the whole Planned Parenthood situation. I am in the middle and I will tell you exactly why. First let us start off with this: if you are pro-abortion I cannot respect you. Some people are going to read this and be like man that was harsh, but I do not care.

Planned Parenthood is taking some serious heat right now. The biggest blow that Planned Parenthood is taking is due to abortion. Planned Parenthood is one of, if not the largest abortion chains in the nation. Yes, I am a proud and firm believer in God, but I believe you do not have to believe in God to have enough sense to know that abortion is wrong. I feel as though the whole human race’s sense of ethics has completely gone out the window.

Abortion is murder.

Disagree? Let us take a look at the definition of murder, shall we? Murder is the unlawful pre-meditated killing of one human being by another. Many arguments have been made about this topic. I just feel that ethically the decision should be easy to make. I do not know about everyone else, but I do not want my tax dollars to go towards killing babies.

Anyways, excuse my mini-rant, back to being stuck in the middle of Planned Parenthood. I do not hate Planned Parenthood. Besides performing abortions, Planned Parenthood has some great things to offer. I feel as though it is a good place for women. Breast cancer screenings and pelvic exams are just some of the nice things that are offered. Not only is it a good place for women, but it is great for men too. In fact, Planned Parenthood offers things like testicular, colon and prostate cancer screenings for men in addition to just being a regular health care provider.

Things like sex education, sexually transmitted disease testing and affordable healthcare is high on Planned Parenthood’s list. These things are great, especially for young people who may need more help and access to these types of things. I think many people tend to overlook how important sex education is. Many kids growing up, myself included, had parents who were not really quick to sit you down and have the birds and the bees talk. Little did they know, keeping you ignorant to this topic can truly harm you more than it helps you.

I truly think this is good on Planned Parenthood’s part. The conclusion I’ve come to is Planned Parenthood as a whole should not be de-funded, but I believe abortions should be. *drops mic*

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Brittney Palmer

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