Philly Sports Box Sept. 23, 2015

By Kevin Moylett
September 23, 2015

Screen-Shot-2014-08-31-at-3.22.48-PM-300x239Patrick’s Q&A:

Pat: What did you think of the Eagles offensive line play?

Kev: I thought the Eagles offensive line was terrible, which did not surprise me. I was surprised that it was Jason Peters and Jason Kelce who played the worst. Both players are pro-bowlers, especially Peters who is considered by some as the best left tackle in football. The Eagles absolutely need these players to be better next week.

Pat: What is going on with DeMarco Murray?

Kev: I do not think Murray takes much blame for what has been going on statistically for him. I know it has been terrible but the offensive line has not blocked for him at all and I do not think Chip Kelly has done a good job of putting him in a position to succeed. Murray is clearly very talented and has a repu- tation of being a hard worker so a big game is right around the corner as long as the offensive line starts playing better.

Pat: Sam Bradford does not look comfort- able in the pocket. Do you expect him to get better?

Kev: The biggest ques- tion mark for the Eagles right now is the quarter- back position. I do not think anybody knows what they have in Brad- ford. He looked pretty good in the second half against Atlanta and then he came out looking scared in the pocket and not being able

to read the de- fense at all. He deserves another couple weeks to figure it out after all the time he has missed due to injury. If he doesn’t figure it out soon though it might be to late for the Eagles season.

Pat: Do you think the Eagles miss weapons like Jeremy Maclin or De- Sean Jackson at the wide receiver position?

Graphic by Lindsay Dobbins

Kevin’s Q&A:

Kev: The Eagles secondary struggled a lot against Atlanta. How do you think they bounced back against Dallas?

Pat: I thought the Eagles secondary played pretty well against Dallas. Before the Romo I injury the defense had allowed only six points. Maxwell got off to a slow start in the game but recovered nicely and ended up hav- ing a solid game.

Kev: Do you think the Eagles miss Jeremy Maclin?

Pat: When the Eagles cut DeSean Jackson I thought they would be fine because Maclin is a true weapon. When Maclin signed with the Chiefs all of a sudden the Eagles are stuck with just Jordan Matthews, who has only played one year in the league. They spent a first round draft pick on Nelson Agholor, who has not done much so far. So far it looks like they miss a big time play maker like Maclin but that could be because the offense as a whole has been bad.

Kev: What do you expect to happen next week against the New York Jets?

Pat: I believe Bradford bounces back and has a solid game. The Jets have looked good so far but if the Eagles play well than the better team will come out on top.


Week 3 predictions:

Kevin’s pick: Eagles 20, Jets 13

Patrick’s pick: Eagles 24, Jets 21

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Kevin Moylett

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