Philly fashion week: diverse city, diverse styles

By Jessica Johnson-Petty
September 28, 2011


Philadelphia Fashion Week brought diverse collections to the runway during the “Premiere Ready-to-Wear Runway Show,” in the Crane Arts Building, on Friday, Sept. 23.

Philadelphia’s fifth annual fashion week, hosted by Fashion and Beauty House the Agency, showcased eight unique lines and brought  talented individuals to one stage.  With collections from across the world, different cultures were well represented.

“Philadelphia is known for independent designers,” German Cuadrado, public relations coordinator for FBH, said. “We pride ourselves because of the diversity. We always have a different look.”

Executive directors Kevin Parker and Kerry Scott founded FBH the Agency in result of the first Philadelphia Fashion Week in 2007. The event became the first to debut a mainstream event at Philadelphia City Hall’s courtyard.

FBH’s vision is “to provide exposure opportunities for local, national and international fashion gurus.”

Parker and Scott pride themselves in establishing and maintaining professional and profitable partnerships with the city of Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Collection, Radio One and many others around the world.

Sponsors for the event included Macy’s, Ms. Tootsie’s, Banana Republic, The Art Institute of Philadelphia and many more.

The doors opened at 7 p.m. with a red carpet. Pop star Karina Bradley hosted the event. She interviewed VIP guests who attended the show, such as celebrity stylist Mark Clark and recording artist Sap Sounds. Also walking the red carpet were the designers that took part in the show.

Though some guests, who wish to remain anonymous due to their relationship with FBH, were disappointed due to the poor timing (the show started an hour and a half later than advertised), as well as the absence of an open bar, others were very pleased by the show.

“We love fashion. We came here today because we had to experience it [the show],” guest Michelle Wynter, wife of Adde Wynter, an upcoming designer, said. “We are glad we came.”

Nichole Martin, public relations coordinator of FBH, was more than pleased with the  outcome of the show. “The show was great. We put a lot of time into this and seeing the final project is rewarding,” Martin said. “We wanted to bring diversity, and that is what we did.”



 Paula Hian (Paris)

The Paula Hian collection resembled black and white apparel, simple yet elegant with a modern feel.


Adore (Philadelphia)

Adore gave a very casual feel by using very natural colors, sheers and a ‘70s-inspiration.


Lara Elizabeth (New Jersey)

The use of neutral colors, bold prints and two-piece sets filled the Lara Elizabeth collection.


Osrick Ingredients Cricket  (New Jersey)

As the only male apparel to hit the runway, Osrick Ingredients Cricket showcased the preppy and athletic side of fashion.


Aso Damisi (Nigeria)

A fun mixture of evening and cocktail attire, as well as vintage metallic and bold prints was the focus of this collection.


Ying Edge (Maryland)

The dresses in this collection were both short with structure and long with flow, with emphasis on the shoulders.

House of D’Marsh Women (New York)

Bright and bold colors caught the eyes of the audience when D’Marsh took the runway. Geometric cuts, ruffles and feathers brought the collect together.


Jaya Misra (India)

Hailing from India, the Jaya Misra collection showcased the culture while colliding with a modern twist. Bold pieces received many applauds by the audience.


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Jessica Johnson-Petty

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