Welcome to the Gayborhood

By Rocco Del Monte
November 12, 2012

“Get your history straight and your nightlife gay.” This got the attention of the LGBT community and it was wall up-hill from there. Philadelphia housed our nation’s first gay rights protests in 1960s and the phrase that was used by the protesters.

Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love and was founded on the principles of equality and the freedom of all its citizens. Philadelphia is full of history and housed so man historic events in our nation’s history.

For those who do not know where the “Gayborhood” is located and would like to experience the eye-opening experience of a life time then walk the streets of Chestnut street all the way to Pine between 11th and Broad Street.

This area of Philadelphia is rich in self expression and acceptance. The gay life and nightlife hot spots are all located within this area due to the plethora of gay and lesbian-friendly businesses as well as restaurants and bars.

Our wonderful city of Philadelphia even recognized the ever-growing gay community by adding not just a few but 36 gay pride rainbow flags to the street signs as a symbol of respect for the community. “Walking these streets i feel at home and not afraid to express myself, this community is so welcoming and and respectful,” Joseph Beach said.

There are over 10 different gay bars and lounges that are accepting of any race and sexuality. Some will find that even though the gay community is penalized for being who they are, we are some of the most open-minded and accepting people out there. Each bar has amazing drink specials and even more amazing DJ mixes of today’s most popular songs and even more of yesterday’s hits.

If you love a good theme party then the Gayborhood is the place for you. “Gays love to dress up and will make an event in order to do it,” Doug Banner said, which is true. There is always an event for a good cause that benefits the AIDS research or any other charity.

For those fashionistas out there who are looking for the next new thing or the next trend look no further than the Gayborhood shops. There is a plethora of shop to choose from where you can find local designers as well as well-known designers.

There are over six salons so looking your best just got a lot easier. These salons are spread out all throughout the Gayborhood and all come recommended.

The nightlight is what the Gayborhood is known for best. Each bar is always packed and drinks are always flowing. This is a easy place to make friends and stay out all night if needed, the Gayborhood has one of the few after-hour bars in Philadelphia, “Voyeur Nightclub,” this club has multiple room with different themed music and a bar from every section. “Being in the club is such an experience. It feels like you are in a New York nightclub without the hassle,” said Taylor Neel said.


  • Bars and lounges: ten
  • Salons:  six
  • rainbow street sings: 36
  • After hours club: 1


Rocco Del Monte

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