Let’s Compare!

By Amanda Cundari
October 4, 2012


New Jobs:


–       Does not want to double down on big businesses “that got us into this mess” finically

–       Reduce deficit

–       Improve education system-higher more teachers

–       Train people for the jobs that are out there right now

–       Keep tuition low

–       Close loop holes for companies investing overseas

Obama Quotes:

“America does best when the middle class does best.”

“I think math, common sense and our history show us that’s not a recipe for job growth.”



–       Boost energy production- creates about 4 million jobs

–       Get middle class families going again



–       Open up more trade (particular with Latin America)

–       Crack down on China if and when they cheat

–       Get us to a balance budget

–       Champion small business

–       Cut taxes

–       Lower deductions

Romney Quotes:

“Congratulations to you, Mr. President, on your anniversary. I’m sure this is the most romantic place you can imagine here with me.”

“It is going to take a different path, not the one we have been on.  Not the one the president describes as a top down, cut taxes for the rich.”

Both candidates state strong arguments in order to create new job opportunities.  Romney wants to lower rates and deductions because small businesses that make up about 54 percent of American employees pay individual tax rates.  By lowering the rates those businesses can hire more employees and the money will ‘trickle down.’

However, on this particular topic Obama’s argument seems to stimulate higher hopes along with the questioning of the logic behind Romney’s plan.  Obama feels as though Romney is saying “never mind” to his 18 month plan that he has pitched throughout his campaign.  Obama said it is not possible to come up with enough deductions to help the middle class on the cuts he plans to make.  “It’s math, its arithmetic,” said Obama.  President Obama promotes his plan to cut taxes, however not to those who make over $250 thousand a year.  Obama believes his tax raise will help the country’s deficit and will encourage job growth.

Who convinced me on this one? – President Obama




–       Cut out programs that are not sufficient: Unconstructive aircraft and education programs, medical fraud (within Medicare and medicaid)

–       $ 4 trillion  deficit plan

–       Eliminate money that goes to oil companies: ExxonMobile

–       Questions Romney’s loop holes and reductions

–       Lower college rates

“I put forward a specific $4 trillion reduction deficit plan.  It’s on the website, you can look at all the numbers.”

“If we’re serious we have to take a balanced, responsible approach.”



–       Believes raising taxes (to fix deficit) would slow down the rate of growth

–       Cut several polices and programs: Obamacare, PBS

–       Run programs at a state level

–       Cut back number of employees in government

–       Believes when in recession should not raise taxes on anyone

“It is a critical issue, not just an economic issue, it is a moral issue.”

“You have been president for four years.  You said you cut the deficit in half, it’s now four years later we still have trillion dollar deficits.”

“You raise taxes and you kill jobs.”

“I don’t want to go down the path of Spain.”

President Obama walked into office with a trillion dollar deficit, a war that was paid for on a credit card, and a country going into a massive economic depression.   With all of this in his lap he managed to save billions of dollars.  However, Romney made some clear numeric points on how the country is still struggling even after Obama’s four years as President.  Romney explained that all those small businesses that Obama is taxing make up one quarter of the workers in America; it is not just the Donald Trumps.  Romney explicitly spoke of the tax and stated if Obama were to raise taxes even more, seven thousand jobs will be lost.  “I don’t want to kill jobs,” said Romney.  “The revenue I get is by more people working, getting higher pay, and then paying more taxes.  That is how we get growth and balance the budget.” Whether or not that is the answer to balancing the budget, Romney made a pretty good point on how rising taxes never works, specifically using the example of Spain.  Conversely, Obama questions Romney’s plan and asks for specific layouts on how Romney plans on getting around his ‘loopholes’ and ‘reductions’ in order to lower corporate rates. The President stands by his approach and unlike Romney has identified how to lower corporate rates by not giving breaks to corporate companies.

Who gets my vote on the deficit? – Undecided


Health Care:


–       Obama Care

–       Cut $716 billion

–       Does not believe in the process of private insurance- believe private insurance picks those who are healthier rather than those who need it

–       Does not believe in vouchers

–       Cover families who worry about going bankrupt if they become ill

–       Preexisting conditions- believes people should not reach limit

–       Does not want to leave citizens out

Obama Quotes

“Over time the traditional Medicare system will collapse.  Then you have folks like my grandmother at the mercy of the private insurance system, precisely at the time when most in need of decent health care.”

“Insurance companies cannot jerk you around.”

“Is the reason that Governor Mit Romney is keeping all his plans to replace secret because they are too good?”



–       Get rid of Obama Care

–       Pre-existing positions covered

–       Take the $716 dollar cut and put it back in Medicare and for current retires

–       Make sure Medicare is there for young people and allow them to chose between current plan or private plan

–       Lower health care cost to help promote Medicare

–       Improve prescription program

–       Keep Social Security

–       Craft a plan at the state level, that fits the needs of the state

–       Cost down

Romney Quotes

“I’d rather have a private plan. I disapprove of my government telling me what health care I get.  I’d rather chose my plan and if I don’t like them I’ll get rid of them.”

“Expensive things hurt families.”

“The private market and individual responsibility always worked best.”

Health care was a tricky subject. I chose to focus on the cost of each candidate’s approach and which one would benefit the middle class.  When you look at Obamacare it will cost $2,000  more than traditional insurance.  Where its intentions are holy, Obamacare is expensive.  In order to balance the additional cost of Obama care, the plan calls for a $716 billion dollars from Medicare.  Romney’s goal is to put that money back in Medicare to help the young and the seniors.  He also does not like the idea that ultimately this new plan will “tell people the kind of treatments they should have.”

According to Romney, in order to keep health care down we need performance pay, which goes towards doctors.  He believes the federal government should not take over health care and start mandating patients and doctors towards the kinds of treatments they should have.  Due to the new plan Romney explained how 50 percent of doctors and homes are now not taking Medicare patients.

Whether or not seniors and younger citizens are at the mercy of insurance companies or safe within their social security and Medicare existing now seems to be the real debate.  However, putting people in a position where they can lose their insurance due to Obama Care coming into effect next year along with the rise of taxes, I support Romney on this one.

Who gets my vote on health care? – Romney


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Amanda Cundari

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