People Poll: Cold weather mood changes

By Kelsey Alvino
October 12, 2010

As the warm air seems to be disappearing and we head into mid October, winter is the next season to hit Cabrini College. Winter means cold air, snow, ice and dark dreary days. For some of these reasons many students find themselves dreading the winter and cold weather. Some students fear the effects that the cold always seem to have on them. Unlike warm temperatures, cold temperatures seem to put many in a miserable mood, affecting their health, school work and attitude.

“The cold air of the winter makes me want to stay in bed and sleep. I never want to get up and get ready and this seems to make me late for class. I don’t go to the gym as much because the walk is too far and I get cold too easily.” Mark Grubb, freshman, communication major.

“I hate the cold weather. The cold weather and the winter always make me miserable.” Marcelle Crist, sophomore, Criminology major.

“The cold weather changes my mood. I don’t like it as much as the summer. It also makes me want to work out less because the cold makes me lazy and want to do less.” Missy Miller, sophomore, elementary and special education major.

“Cold weather makes me miserable. In the winter you always have to bundle up and put on so many layers to stay warm. Your clothes are always less cute because you have to worry about not freezing instead of how fashionable your being. With winter the days are always darker and they seem to suck all the energy out of me and make me not want to do much of anything.” Meghan Kay, junior, psychology major

“I don’t mind the first snow fall of the year but after that I want the winter to be over. The cold weather makes me more antisocial because I don’t want to go out and be cold. It makes me wake up late and feel tired.” Samantha Leo, junior, business major

“The cold weather does not affect me. I am happier when snow is on the ground. I love the snow.” Thomas Banks, sophomore, psychology

“The cold weather makes me sleep more and stay in bed, but I do go to the gym more in the winter so I can get out of my room and move around.” Cate Schaffer, senior, biology

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Kelsey Alvino

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