Peer educators raise awareness

By Jessica Marrella
October 23, 2003

Ryan Norris

“A Cabrini student who cares.” This is how Christa Angeloni describes herself and the other peer educators of Cabrini.

Peer Educators is made up of students who dedicate themselves to helping other students. This service group aims to educate students against the misuse of drugs and alcohol. The group promotes ways for students to lead a healthier life style.

One of last year’s events sponsored by peer educators was alcohol awareness week. Many remember the disturbing image of a totaled vehicle sitting on the lawn of Founder’s Hall. Peer Educators creatively and effectively found a way to say don’t drink and drive without saying much at all. They will be sponsoring the movie “When A Man Loves A Women” on Wednesday, Oct. 22, to educate students on the effects of alcohol.

Also, who could forget the widely popular “Toilet Talk.”? Once again the creative juices were flowing when Peer Educators decided where to distribute information. “Toilet Talk” contained the do’s and don’ts of how to be a healthy person. And who could ask for a more convenient location? These is just one way in which the Peer Educators communicate with the campus community.

Peer Educators have already put in a lot of hours at the Rooyman’s Center researching upcoming events. Blood drives and cancer walks have already undergone planning. Students can also look forward to information on healthy ways to relieve stress. Many of the Peers have a stong committmet to the cause of having a healthier campus community.

On Thursday, Oct. 16, Peers held a depression screening, which was located in the caf during the lunch hours. Students were able to get talk to a counslor or pick up information on depression for either themself or to spot depression in a friend.

There first blood drive will be held on Monday, Nov.3. They encourage all to come out and give blood to save another’s life. The blood drive will be in the Grace Hall Atruim from 11a.m. to 4 p.m. Sign up with a Peer Educator or sign up through the web: The goal is to have 80 pints of blood by the end of the drive.

Another event the Peer Educators will be sponsoring is the Great American Smoke Out. This will hopefully deter many smokers from picking out a cigarette on that day. Again, they want to make the campus aware of the consquences and results from their actions.

“Our main goal is really just to educate and be there for the students,” Angeloni said.

Interested in becoming a Peer Educator? Fill out an application by visiting

and clicking on the groups icon.

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Jessica Marrella

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