Parking and a solution

By Paul Williams
October 18, 2001

I can look outside every morning around 9:35 a.m. and see cars circling the Founder’s Hall parking lot. Besides almost causing accidents, most of the people give up and park at the Dixon Center.

There are problems with the parking lot of Founder’s Hall. The next time you walk to your car, check out all of the glass lying around. Also, notice all of the people walking from the Dixon Center’s parking lot all the way to Founder’s Hall. I think that it’s possible to avoid these problems.

First, the problem of too many cars in the parking lot can be easily solved. Make the parking lot a commuter lot during the busy hours of the day. I understand that this would mean that residents who drive to the parking lot would have to wake up five minutes earlier to get across the street from the dorms. Although that sounds terrible, it’s not as if they have to wake up a half an hour or more before class, like most commuter students. The people living in dorms should be doing this already because they probably have a shorter walk from there, than from the Dixon Center. The same thing would go for the people living on campus in an apartment or house. The residents could still drive to school, but they would just have to park at the Dixon Center. This would free up space so that the commuters who were stuck in traffic can easily find a parking space and still get to class on time. The hours to have the parking lot closed to residents would be 8:15 a.m. to 4:25 p.m on the weekdays.

It was the first day of school last year and guess who gets a flat tire. I was mad because I could see that the only spots left in the lot were those covered with shards of glass. The last time I checked, the Wigwam wasn’t selling alcohol products. I find it hard to believe that commuters are bringing Heinekens and getting drunk before class. That idea is highly unlikely. A more likely answer would be that the residents were having a party in the lot over the weekend. If they close the lot after classes on Saturday, and after 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, this would be the remedy for most of the glass in the parking lot.

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Paul Williams

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