Papa Roach and company light the stage

By Staff Writer
April 19, 2001

by Tracy Timson

The concert line-up for Wednesday, April 11 was Alien Ant Farm, Snapcase, and the headliner Papa Roach. Alien Ant Farm is a new band that also opened up for Linkin Park earlier this year. Their debut CD titled “Anthology” was just released on March 6 of this year. Lead singer, Dryden Mitchell, pulled the audience into the performance with his questions about which songs the fans liked the best. They went through their CD tracks doing songs like “Movies” which is their first single from “Anthology.” Out of all three of the bands that played this Wednesday night AAF was by far the best act. They proved that they take their music seriously by the energy they had on stage. They ended their set by doing the track titled “Smooth Criminal” which is a remake of the famous Michael Jackson song.

Snapcase was the next band on the stage. What can I say but where did these guys come from? Their music, if that’s what you want to call it, consisted mostly of screams. They did not even introduce themselves to the audience. Instead there was a loud musical introduction followed by their screams. It might not have been so bad if all of their songs did not sound the same. Even the fans standing around us were screaming things like “Get off the stage.” All in all, Snapcase should probably stop touring for a little more practice.

Police sirenssounded, red and blue lights flashed, and then, Papa Roach was on the stage, ready to begin. A band made up of Coby Dick, Dave Buckner, Tobin Esperance, and Derry Horton. A band famous for their singles “Last Resort” and “Broken Home.” Unfortunately, these singles were probably the best songs of their set. Of course lead singer Coby Dick was full of energy and at one point even dived into the audience but for some reason it did not fulfill my expectations of the concert. It might have also had something to do with the fact that before Papa Roach went on I had to sit through the whole Snapcase performance. I believe Papa Roach is a good band and they definitely had my attention throughout the show, but , if I had to rate this concert, Papa Roach would have come in second to the newest band Alien Ant Farm.

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Staff Writer

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