Paintball USA

By Liz Graham
May 2, 2002

On Sunday, April 26th, 21 students along with Shayla Hasic-Stamps ventured out at 7 a.m. to play paint ball at Skirmish USA in Jim Thorpe. This is the third year that Cabrini has gone on a paint ball excursion, which has been organized by Cliff Beckett, a senior who has been playing competitive paint ball for the past two years.

Beckett chose Skirmish USA due to the wide range of playing fields, the good organization at the facility and the convenient location in the Pocono’s. The trip was made possible through funding by Residence Life and Student Activities. General fees were paid for while players purchased their own paint balls.

The facility has 75 playing fields all together. Most fields are wooded areas roped off to create boundaries in which to play, however, some courses contained structures such as small airplanes, castles and trucks to hide around or in.

The game of paint ball for the most part follows the rules of capture the flag, only if you get shot in paint ball you are out for that game. As soon as the group learned the rules they were given the option to either play a game of surrender or take no prisoners; in true Cabrini fashion the group opted for take no prisoners.

By the end of the day 10 games had been played including one game where all 22 Cabrini participants battled against another group. At the end of the match almost all of the opposing team was in the free zone with half of the Cabrini players still in the field.

A wide range of people went on the trip; four of the participants even owned their own guns.

Some people may wonder why in the world anyone would want to get shot at by their friends. Well according to may of the players and freshman Heather St. Amour “it definitely relieves a lot of stress.” Also, according to St. Amour unless you are unfortunate enough to get shot in the head, neck, or hand it really doesn’t hurt.

Junior Jay Rotello, who has gone in years past, went this year because he “knew that it would be a good time”. His favorite part of the trip was just spending the day hanging out and doing something different with his

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Liz Graham

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