PAC to change its name

By Britany Wright
February 28, 2008

The Pennsylvania Athletic Conference is taking measures to change the name of the league to include all the colleges involved. The name PAC has graced the Division III athletic conference for over 10 years. The only problem is that not all the schools included in the conference are located in Pennsylvania.

In the beginning in 1992 when the conference was formed, it was made to fit the needs of small, private colleges located in eastern Pennsylvania.

The organization has expanded throughout the years. Currently the schools participating in it are Alvernia College, Cabrini College, Cedar Crest, the College of Notre-Dame along with eight other colleges and universities.

A committee has been formed to help market and name the conference. Through the committee they will revamp the current Web site to make it more user-friendly. Jeff Farladeau, the interim director of athletics and recreation, has been a part of the process to change the current name.

“It is a massive effort amongst the committee to change it,” Farladeau said. “I’m on board with the idea. It’s important that we suit everybody’s needs within the conference.”

Gina Sciubba, a junior early childhood and elementary education major and swimmer, said, “We don’t compete in the PAC anyway because there are not enough schools that have swim teams in the division, so it really doesn’t really matter to me.”

This plan to create a new title has been discussed for many prior years. It has finally reached a phase where proof that a change is coming is visible. The proof is published on a Web site for the organization.

Anna Scholl, a junior English and communication major and lacrosse player, said, “I understand why we are changing our name, but the names they offered to vote on, I don’t really like.”

On the official Web site for PAC there was a survey that ended on Feb. 20 that all students, faculty members and communities were allowed to access and help to decide what characteristics the new name of the conference should be. For instance, the survey asked such questions as should the new name deal with historical significance of the area, mission of the colleges, the location and geographic characteristics of the region.

“This name change will not only affect Cabrini. It will set an appropriate identity for the conference. After all it has schools that are not in Pennsylvania. It is necessary to fit all strategic visions of the schools,” Falardeau said.

The results of the survey, and countless hours spent by the presidents and athletic directors to choose an appropriate name, can be seen on the Web site between Feb. 26 and Feb. 29, where visitors to the site can vote on the new name. They can be seen at

Tim Harner, a junior secondary education major and golfer, said, “What the heck! That’s not a good enough reason to change the name of the PAC because not all of the teams are in Pennsylvania. I like the PAC name.”

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Britany Wright

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