Get in with the out there outfitters

By Diana Campeggio
February 23, 2011

The easygoing vibe felt in Out There Outfitters is prevalent from the first step into the store.  From the wide-planked wood floors to the vintage license plates, the store rings of a certain earthy charm that is hard to get right.Out There Outfitters has been providing quality outdoor and exercise clothing as well as accessories to the Wayne community since August 2008, when outdoor lovers Zeke Sieglaff and wife Tory opened the store.“Whether going to the beach, to the mountains or to the golf course, we have what you need,” Zeke Sieglaff said.Sieglaff grew up south of the Wayne area until he moved to Florida, where he opened two similar stores. Boca Grande was the first place of establishment in 1997, followed by the second opening in Tampa during 2002.  But once his children began attending school and their schooling became the most important issue in Zeke and Tory’s life, they decided to uproot their family and move back to the Philadelphia area in 2007.After contacting Patagonia, the most prominent supplier at Sieglaff’s stores, to figure out an area where stores were not carrying their clothing and products, they decided on Wayne.According to Sieglaff, there was a need for quality outdoor clothing and accessories in the area, with the only similar store being REI in Conshohocken.  Out There Outfitters now serves local families, primarily consisting of women shopping for themselves, their husbands and their children.  “Retailing is what I do best,” Sieglaff said.The store carries a wide variety of outdoor clothing and accessories, as well as men and women’s fashions.  They carry everything from hiking backpacks and sneakers to dresses and handbags.Out There Outfitters also carries a diverse assortment of brands, which often brings people into the store.  Sieglaff has a passion for the brands that he carries and loves the standard of quality that they hold themselves to.  He feels a connection to the items he sells:  “All the clothing and brands we carry, I grew up wearing,” Sieglaff said.Sieglaff also focuses on featuring brands that are Fair Trade and environmentally conscious.  Reducing their carbon footprint is important to the staff of Out There Outfitters.Their location on North Wayne Avenue has been good to Sieglaff, being that they are located right along the easiest parking in all of Wayne.  According to Sieglaff, there is a community feel about the center of Wayne, which is inviting and brings a lot of foot traffic to the store as well.Whether you are traveling to Colorado or to the rainforest, or just need to brace the winter cold here in Pennsylvania, the store has everything you need to harbor the elements.Currently, the store is running a 30 percentoff sale on many of their winter items and is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, with shorter 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. hours on Sundays.  For more information about Out There Outfitters, please contact their website or FaceBook page.

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Diana Campeggio

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