Best of Orientation 2011

By Chelbi Mims
August 30, 2011

Moving into home away from home

First-year students arrived on campus Thursday, Aug. 25, to move into their new homes for the next four years. Assisting the students with the move-in process were 50 orientation leaders, multiple student athletes and Resident Assistants.

Upperclassmen checked students into their residence halls, assisted in moving furniture, decorated rooms and guided students throughout campus to find the bookstore, Cavalier Express Center and the Marketplace .

Cabrini faculty and staff visited the students and parents at their resident halls along with the Phillie Phanatic and Captain Calvin the Cavalier.

Hurricane Irene brought rain and winds during the day, but the students and their families fought the weather and managed to move in succsfully. Cabrini umbrellas and ponchos were given to students, parents and student leaders.

After the move-in process, students enjoyed activities, free giveaways and lunch with their families.

First-year students also met with their orientation groups and leaders,  where they played many ice breaking games and took their class of 2015 picture on the Dixon Center Turf Field.

Mysteries of the Mind Show

Following Play Fair, students enjoyed the mysteries of the mind show by Hypnotist Mark Maverick in Grace Hall.

Many first-year students were called on stage and hypnotized by Maverick. One person was told to dance like Elvis and others were told they were aliens from a different planet and spoke a foreign language.

Students and faculty sat in awe and amazement of the mysteries of the mind that took place.

Carnival and Karaoke and Games

A ring toss, frog launch and toilet bowl basketball were a few of the many games set up throughout the mansion for the first-year students to enjoy. A karaoke machine was also available for groups to perform popular songs. Students danced the night away to the sounds of their peers singing.  A caricature artist was available for students to get pictures drawn of themselves for as decorations for their new rooms. A photobooth station and an airbrush tattoo artist were also available.

Play Fair: Games and Activities

The play fair took place in the Dixon Center gymnasium. First-year students explored many ice breakers with RA’s and orientation leaders. Students split up into groups with the same birthday month and hometowns to mingle. Throughout the night, music blared through the Dixon Center and students got into groups of three and said their names and two facts about themselves.

The orientation leaders surprised the first-year students with a flash mob dance led by senior orientation coordinator Peter Morrison. The dance included songs related to Phildelphia such as “Switch” by Will Smith and Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.”  At the end of the dance, orientation leaders encouraged students to dance along.

Cabrini RAs also performed hip-hop dance moves led by area coordinator Ellen Wagner for the first-year students to enjoy. This was an opportunity for the first-year students to meet and mingle with their RAs and area coordinators.

Real World

Orientation leaders spent a week putting together, rehearsing and organizing skits to teach the first-year students about college life.

The skits included scenarios about STIs and STDs, party safety, drinking and alcohol abuse, time management and rape awareness.

First-year students were enthralled by the performances and asked many questions upon the completion of the skits.

The skits were a fun and light way for first-year students to learn about many situations they may encounter throughout their college experience.

Students then enjoyed a brainstorm game show that taught the fundamentals of the core curriculum, what classes to take and why Cabrini focuses on justice matters. Students tallied in their answers through their smart phone and won prizes and awards for correct answers.


Chelbi Mims

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