Online presence can lead to jobs

By Natalie Crawford
October 13, 2010

Being a senior communication major, online presence is crucial. Social and media networking are extremely beneficial. You could potentially find your career this way.

The only social networking program I have used has been Facebook. Facebook can be a great way to pass the time by checking people’s status and photo uploads. However, it can be much more beneficial than that.

I use it especially when I need to get in contact with someone or to just keep in touch with old friends from the past. I know that if I ever need to get in touch with someone and I don’t have his or her telephone number, I can always rely on Facebook to keep me connected.

If you are hosting an event, one of the best ways to get the word out is to make an event on Facebook. When there are dances and special events going on around Cabrini, I always find out through the event posted on Facebook. It’s a useful way to inform and network people.

Besides creating events, you can also create groups. Most of the groups I am in on Facebook are school related. The people who create certain groups encourage people to join it or to “like” it.  It gets the word out for whatever is happening and keeps everyone connected.

Besides Facebook, the other online social networking website that students can use in their favor is Twitter.

From what professors and friends have told me, Twitter is the most valuable form of online networking, especially if you’re a communication major.

I’ve heard of stories of how students keep in touch with people in the field they hope to pursue a career in and landing a job from it. Just by getting to know someone on Twitter can lead to so many other contacts.

I don’t have a Twitter account right now nor do I know how to use one, but if making one could potentially lead to me meeting someone and getting a job, then I am putting it on the top of my to-do list.

Blogging can also be a useful way to express your writing to the public. What’s great about blogging is that you can write about all of your ideas and interests. While blogging about things you care about, you can simulatenously improve your writing skills, which can also help with getting a job if the right person reads it.

Back tracking a little bit. Sure anyone can use these online networking websites, but it seems like the key necessity to achieve a professional appeal is to have effective writing skills.

By having these online accounts you recognize the way people write, professional or not. I think that’s helped me to find my own affective writing style.

Being a well-rounded communication major entails being able to speak, write and think. You don’t really realize it but so much of the media is convergence. You can find everything online. So to have those abilities to be able to communicate to the public are extremely important.

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Natalie Crawford

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