One-man, one-computer band

By Richard Magda
May 1, 2003

Julian Smoger

He’s a one-man band.

Actually, he’s a one-man, one-computer band. In the comfort of his personalized black wing chair, known as his “throne,” Julian Smoger creates music that he wants to hear – all on his personal computer.

Smoger’s music, produced under the name “.dmops.” and available at, is a concoction of personal emotion and electronic “dark, progressive breakbeats,” according to Smoger.

“My music has always been dark. It comes from my emotions and my thoughts,” Smoger said. “I’ve been trying to make everything more complex now. I make music that makes you think. I like to feel stories in my music.”

Although Smoger continues to incorporate his original musical influences like Nine Inch Nails and Crystal Method into his tracks, he has recently been studying the beats of popular hip-hop artists like Method Man, Redman, 50 Cent and Dr. Dre.

“You can hear a lot of influences in my music, but nothing that is taken,” Smoger said. “I don’t just take other peoples beats. I listen to them and then apply the basic ideas to my own ideas, kind of like how a writer will learn from reading other peoples’ works.”

Smoger feels that as he experiences more in life and opens himself to a widespread array of musical influences, his work is developing into quality music.

“It’s finally starting to have form and movement within the tracks and as overall collections,” he said. “I learned my equipment better, and trained my ear to hear the minor differences in sounds. It’s really important to make sure every sound fits together, like a puzzle. I’ve started to listen to music more. Not just to hear it, but to listen to it and analyze it.”

Smoger writes music ultimately for quality and personal satisfaction. As he finishes songs, he posts them on his website,, from which they can be downloaded free of charge. Eventually, when he feels that he has produced enough album-worthy tracks, Smoger may consider releasing an album.

For now, Smoger enjoys writing music for himself and making it available for people to listen.

“I write the music that I want to hear; music that invokes emotion in me. I invite you to take it, hear it and enjoy it,” Smoger said. “If you don’t like my music, at least go out and find something that you can relate to, because music is the language of the soul.”

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Richard Magda

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