Old school beats new school

By Jason Radka
April 27, 2006

Unless you are a vampire or a ghost, you cast a reflection and have a shadow, at least that’s what the movies say. Well, here I am, 21-years-old standing six foot tall and change above the ground with a shadow; as far as the eye can see. Shadow? This is no ordinary silhouette of luminance; rather, it is a representation of the future world of college graduates today. In other words, how people are going to be living in our shadow until the entire 1980’s population of children are dead and gone. As much as I want to hate the 80s, I’ve learned to love the decade. The socks with the stripes, Billy Joel and AC DC. The 80s had everything to offer to a young kid. Don’t worry old folks, we’ve got it under control. I am a product of the 80s.

Growing up on cartoons such as “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “The Super Mario Brothers Super Show” and for the ladies, “Rainbow Brite” or the “Care Bears”, there was no better age of cartoons to grow up on.

If you were cool, you had the pizza flinger and all of the action heroes, of course with the appropriate carrying case. These days, they have ridiculous cartoons and remakes of the old greats.

The age of video entertainment. Who would have thought that in early 80s a computer programmer was going to create a console that would prove to be the primordial ooze of video gamin?

The Nintendo Entertainment System hit the U.S. markets in the summer of 1983, originally sold at 75$ a pop. Nintendo, under the direction of Japanese programmer Masayuki Uemura, created a revolution for video gaming and added to the greatness of the 1980’s. I’ll never forget the Christmas I opened mine.

I remember getting my first computer when I was four years old in 1989. It was huge and boxy, my dad brought it home from work to be worked on, being the engineer he is. The Microsoft company began its titan of industry in accordance with the beginning of computer age with the Windows operating system in 1983. Although the Japanese seemed to be ahead of the Americans in every aspect of technology, Windows was the technological revolution of America.

Although a New Yorker at heart and through blood, I was once a foolish Philadelphia sports team fan. The Philadelphia Phillies, the team with the most losses and least playoff appearances in ALL sports history, won the world series in 1983. Although I wasn’t alive to bask in the glory, I take it that the crazy fans of Philadelphia were off their rocker that November. Strangely, they still are.

Kids from the 90’s and 2000’s (or whatever you call that decade) think “new” Green Day is better than “old” Green Day. They think Nintendo is nothing compared to their shiny X-Box 360.

Kids these days would rather watch a flick like Anchorman over the greatness of the original Terminator or E.T. Old school is still in and I’m down with the cobwebs.

There you have it. The ’80s generation of kids have seen the best of what’s to come. Whether it be movies, entertainment or music, we’re cultured in all aspects of life. All in all, the 1980’s rules!

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Jason Radka

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