Off the top: Wrestlemania XIX review

By Ryan Mulloy
April 3, 2003

So some of you probably checked out my WrestleMania XIX picks last week on I’m sure it was utter shock for you to fine out that it was not on the site, yet advertised. This is no fault of the excellent web team we have. In fact, the picks are sitting comfortably on my desktop in room 26 of the Mansion, where I work as a co-op student. For the record, I was 7-3.

For a little briefing here, “Off The Top” means two things. First off, it means “off the top of my head.” My notes are long ramblings, just quick little thoughts. Secondly, to go with a lame wrestling title like “The Chair Shot” or something, it means off the top rope or turnbuckle or something. Cut me some slack.


Show kind opened with a tag title match with Rob Van Dam and Kane against Lance Storm and Chief Morely, the champions of Raw. I say kind of because it was on Sunday Night Heat and not the pay per view. If RVD and Kane were going to lose for good, then that’s ok. But why wait for Raw to give them the straps?

Matt Hardy’s defense of the Cruiserweight Title against Rey Mysterio should have been much longer, but I agree with the finish. Hardy needs the title for a push, and it makes the forgotten title much more high profile.

Undertaker went 11-0 at WrestleMania’s against A-Train and Big Show in a handicap match. Why are they pushing Nathan Jones anyhow? He looks like Ken Shamrock and Goldberg had a baby. There’s more than enough people who deserve a spot on the card other than this lummox.

The Women’s Title match was surprisingly good. It’s normally my bathroom break. Trish Stratus is really coming along, but is a kick really a dangerous finisher? It’s probably as rough as an elbow or leg drop.

Team Angle were the clear cut winners of the other Tag Team Title match. Hardly a surprise to me, but I had Los Guerreros. Got to wonder where Team Angle will fall with their leader, Kurt Angle, on the shelf for two months.

The show stealer had to be Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. It was a return to the old school of wrestling. I pray every time that Michaels, broken back and all, gets in the ring, but he hit his spots including that moonsault and his turnbuckle flip. Jericho needs a definite push. His kick to the groin after the match was unexpected in my eyes.

Poor Booker T. He’ll never actually get his push I think, what with him being one of Vince McMahon’s WCW talents. But did anyone really expect Triple H to actually lose the World Heavyweight Title? I sure didn’t, especially with Kevin Nash ready to come back. History shows Triple H loses to his buddies. Ask Michaels.

Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon surprisingly did a good job, carrying out twenty years of aggression. Who thought Rowdy Roddy Piper was coming back? This better not be a one shot deal.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock had a great match, but it’s hard to follow their previous classics. It’ll be a shame if it’s either man’s last WrestleMania, but they went out in style. Did Austin lose and get a pay cut as well for walking out last year?

Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle pulled off a good clean wrestling match. Poor Lesnar botched the finish, a move he’s done before, but Angle was too far. Who knows whose fault that is, but it’s a shame he screwed up the biggest finish to the biggest event of the year. Angle made the save though and the finish was alright. Lesnar should thank his lucky stars he’s not dead. It’s weird, with Angle’s neck, I prayed he’d get through the match, and Lesnar was the one who fell on his face.


Still waiting on Diesel to return.

Triple H and Chris Jericho are joining? Evolution failed, so Triple H picks up someone who he apparently doesn’t get along with? Who’s booking this crap?

Goldberg has returned. Let’s hope they don’t “Big Poppa Pump” this guy.

Kurt Angle will be out for six weeks as opposed to a year. Apparently, he’s being operated on by God.

Sable’s back? This is a recipe for disaster in my opinion.

That’s all for me this week. Perhaps I’ll be back next week, kiddies. Adios.

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Ryan Mulloy

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